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05.11.2015 admin
There is a currency converter tool, using which you can know the exact conversion rate you will get for your money.
The conversions are not same with PayPal and the standard conversion that you see with all other tools.
Caution: If for some reason your transaction is not successful, then all your money will be transfered back to your PayPal account by deducting any bank charges and the return fee, usually Rs. Here I withdraw money to HK Bank, then USD will be auto-changed to HKD and you can see the exchange ratio.

For me, I think the best way is to buy something using USD or EUR in Paypal, so that you don’t need take time to withdraw. We can accept the money send via Paypal, if you buy our metal dome (snap dome) or┬ámetal dome array (snap dome array) with our company (Best Technology), small amount (less than $500), you can send via Paypal. The sir name is fixed, so it’s possible to add your relatives bank account and then withdraw it to their account.
If you see the actual curreny conversion of the day and then decide to withdraw your PayPal money, then you better wait and see the PayPal conversion rates before proceeding.

Money will arrive at your bank account around 3~5 or 5~7 days, depending upon country you are.

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