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Once you’ve signed and shown the teller your photo ID, the teller will process your withdrawal and give you the money and a receipt.
If you withdraw money using an ATM, your withdrawal will usually need to be in multiples of $20, such as $20 or $40. The slip is called a withdrawal slip because you’re taking money out, or making a withdrawal, from your account.
You may be familiar with PayPal since it can be used to transfer money or pay for products or services.
If you want to withdraw money from PayPal to Payoneer, you have to link the virtual account of your American bank with your PayPal first. After submitting the form, you will get an email from Payoneer – namely the Account Approval Department.
After the verification process is done, you will be given the virtual bank account number through email – along with the routing number and other important details.

Copy paste the Bank Name, Routing Number, and Account Number according to your Payoneer US Payment Service detail. Within the following 3 or 4 days, PayPal will transfer a small amount of money a for a verification process. The bank account will be soon verified and you can immediately send out money to your Payoneer account from PayPal. I have set up everything to withdraw funds from paypal to payoneer but i can’t see the withdraw option on paypal site. In some countries PayPal doesn’t allow US bank account and asks for local bank account instead. You should be able to see the detail in your Payoneer account under Account Information menu and click View Transactions.
I have tried a bunch of ways to get into my bank account but it doesn’t seem to work.

However, there are also other ways to try as you can get the virtual account through Payoneer and then link it with your PayPal account. Importantly, when i signed up with paypal earlier on then i could see withdraw option even bank account was not verified. People from all around the world can buy and sell stuff without even meeting face to face, thanks to the global payment service like PayPal. Or if you want easier and more flexible set up, simply use the money in your account to buy goods or services.

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