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Statistics show that the majority of new traders to the Forex rely on technical indicators and black box systems to guide their trades.
These methods are fine if you are the type of person that likes to work with cluttered (not to mention confusing) charts – and if you are perfectly happy being so far-sighted that you trip over things right in front of your face. The problem with technical indicators and black box systems is that they don’t allow you to adapt to sudden changes in the market.
The truth of the matter is technical indicators will not reflect those changes quickly enough.

That said it’s only natural for new traders to assume that these systems are the ones you must use if you want to conquer the Forex. Commercial Traders or “Big Dogs” take huge positions and typically trade 1000’s of lots worth millions of dollars at a time.
They know those systems take up too much time, clutter their charts, and hinder their ability to adapt to market dynamics. Instead, they pay careful attention to price action as they find major support and resistance levels!

If indicators are the only tools you have to trade the Forex, when the market dynamic changes, you will not have the tools you need to successfully change with it and allow your trades to reflect those changes. They live by being on the right side of the market, and they can’t afford to make mistakes!

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