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An ETF, or Exchange Traded Fund, is, in essence, a combination of an index mutual fund and a stock fund.
A statement I’ve heard too many times to count was that the belief you can’t start investing with $500 or less.
Yes, investing with little money can be and is a challenge though it is most certainly possible.
If you need to start investing with $500 or less then the first big challenge is going to be finding the right broker to choose from. Knowing that those options are off the table you will then want to look at other brokerages that will allow you to open an account with $500 or less. Scottrade could also be added to that list, though they recently increased their minimum amount needed for most accounts, so the only account type you can open with them for $500 is a retirement account.
That said, as you’re investing with $500 or less you’d want to throw out any brokerage that will be charging too much in fees. OptionsXpress – because of their partnership with Schwab you can get access to their 100 or so free ETFs. If you’re investing with $500 or less then a challenge is going to be investing in enough stocks to get proper diversification. You can open an account with Sharebuilder with whatever amount you like as there is no minimum balance required.
Investing with $500 or less can be a challenge, however don’t give into the belief that it won’t accomplish anything. Here in Canada we have something called a TFSA (I’ve forgotten what the letters stand for) but it is essentially an account where the earnings (not the capital) are not taxable. John, having just found your site yesterday and you helping me with some questions on Twitter yesterday as well, this article was exactly what I was looking for! I spoke with an investment friend a few months ago regarding reallocating because frankly, I have no clue what I’m doing! Since the company stopped matching, I’m thinking of starting up a separate Roth IRA or even starting small like this article suggests with either Motif, Sharebuilder, or Betterment. I agree with you John that setting a kind of goal is really the factor here whether you lose or win, in spite of how much your money is. Yes, I do believe you’re correct in that you should be able to buy their ETFs without a commission.
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It is a common misconception that investing in the stock market  requires a high level of initial capital. To succeed in investing small in the stock market, you need to identify the reasons why some stocks are very expensive to invest in.
With direct investing, you get the ability to invest in highly trustworthy companies such as Coca-Cola and 3M without having to lose your investment money to fees and minimum deposits.
The most important aspect of investing is not how much you invest at first but that you start as soon as you can.

Whereas with mutual funds, you can only trade at the end of the day, ETF’s allow you to buy and sell whenever the market is open.
In fact, it was something I heard numerous times each day in my former job as a stock broker and witnessed far too many people allow little money to hold them back from beginning to invest. You can get into their standard brokerage accounts with no minimums for stock trading, though their tiered pricing leaves a bit to be desired for someone just starting out.
Meaning, if a stock or ETF you want to buy is trading at $50 then you’re only going to be able to buy ten shares max. This allows you to start investing while also getting some sort of exposure to numerous holdings.
You can open an account with Motif Investing for as little as $250 and invest in up to 30 stocks or ETFs for $9.95. I will say this may not be worth the hassle, and risks having shares of stock in various places but it is still a relatively decent option to consider especially if you’re a buy and hold type investor. If you continue to make excuses you will never get started and begin to learn more about investing.
However, you control more of it so if you’d rather not have that then you might not want to go with them. I tend to be the same way with my investing – I like to buy in blocks so as to mitigate any trading fees. The only concern, and why I typically wouldn’t recommend them to someone just starting out with a little amount is their tiered pricing structure, especially once you move away from their ETFs.
I’ve been playing around with it and the benefits are no commision trades (stocks, ETFs) and an easy to use interface. It is true for some stocks but there are many more companies whose stock you can invest in with $500 or less. These brokers however do not offer their services free of charge; you have to pay a certain amount of money per trade.
For example if you buy stocks from five different companies, you have to pay fees for trading in each of the stocks. Many financial experts consider penny stocks a no-no and will tell you to stay away from them. Do not wait until you have a saved up a lot of money to start investing, start immediately with the little you can afford.
I built this blog to urge you to save your money without losing your life-style, and also learn how to invest it wisely so you don’t end up being beaten by inflation. Consider some of the investment options above to determine what the best route is for you, and grow that extra $500 instead of spending it! I know today’s post might seem like an odd addition to the Frugal Hack Friday series, but that comes with a point. However, OptionsXpress is a part of Schwab – who has about 100 commission free ETFs which would make them a justifiable one to consider. The problem with this approach is you’ll be running into the risk of higher than desired fees that will eat up too much of your funds. Index funds are just like mutual funds and give you access to a basket of stocks, but the fees are generally much lower.

Most will have minimums of either $100 or $500 and some might charge a small fee, but this can be an option. Before you know it, you’ll have the funds you need to get started in the stock market but you must first set a goal to do it and then act on it. Sorry to hear that your company is no longer matching funds, but sounds like you’re definitely on the right path with your book selection.
Sharebuilder is really good, though has a fair number of restrictions so would direct you away from them unless you have specific stocks you know you want to buy each month. I also recommend Drive Wealth for people with low starting balances, they have low minimums and also let you create a starter account where you can practice investing before you actually do it. So here you have low risk and shareholder friendly stocks that you don’t need a lot of money to invest in.
Penny stocks however, are good starting point to the world of stock trading and as long as you understand the risks involved and take measures to save some money you should be okay. I will explain with details the options you have, your risks and what is convenient to do for each budget. The clients then pay back that money with interest – interest that is then shared with investors. The key, as you pointed out, is simply starting and make sure not to focus on a few dollars in cost but getting started. All you need to do is contact the investor department of a certain company and inquire as to how you can obtain shares directly from them without going through a broker. Take your time to learn how to trade in penny stocks and be very careful about the kind of stocks you buy. I firmly believe that if investing with 500 dollars is the most you can start with that time will do awesome things to it – but…you have to start! If you're wanting to learn how to monetize your blog, check out my blog coaching services to see how I can help you take your site to the next level. Based on a few questions you answer, they’ll put you in a selection of some of the 12 or so ETFs they work with. I can even share with you 5 ways to invest $500 that might appeal to your sense of adventure. Other brokers may have strict trading regulations where they demand that investors must make a minimum deposit before they can start trading. I add to this fund sporadically because of other priorities right now (paying down debt) but hopefully I will be able to start adding regularly to it soon. Find one that you can start for less than $500, educate yourself on how to run a successful business and see how quickly you can turn that $500 into a steady monthly income.

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