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Success is relative to many factors and we will carry out a thorough and honest appraisal of what you do and find the solution for success. Much of this work is informed by information held on the ePIMS (electronic Property Information Mapping Service) database and therefore it is vital that organisations ensure that these records are kept up-to-date.Business Needs Analysis In order to help determine suitable accommodation and location options, the organisation should first undertake a Business Needs Analysis ( BNA). This comprises a review of the organisation's business functions, how these are delivered and to what extent any of them are location dependent. Therefore, it is essential that the organisation establishes contact with FES at an early stage, and works closely with the Directorate to identify and develop suitable accommodation solutions.The organisation should provide its analysis of these solutions, with respect to its business needs, in its Option Appraisal document that it submits to its Sponsor Division and to FES. The submission should identify, and justify, the organisation's preferred option and a "fall-back" option - that will be pursued in parallel with the main negotiations.The Sponsor Division will undertake its own analysis of the information provided in order to satisfy itself that the organisation's preferred option is appropriate.

This will require an appraisal and evaluation to be undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the Scottish Public Finance Manual ( SPFM). This appraisal will consider the real economic cost of each option as well as qualitative aspects and any associated risks.
This will allow an informed decision to be made based on both economic sustainability and operational needs.Organisations should take account of this in the preparation of their Option Appraisal and ensure that their Sponsor Division is provided with all of the data necessary to undertake such an analysis. Once the Portfolio Minister has agreed a location option for the organisation they will write to the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth for the accommodation and location solutions to be signed-off or for any disputes relating to the existing estate to be resolved.
There should be a clear link between the findings of the BNA and the property solutions explored in the Option Appraisal.The property solutions under review should be considered in a wide context using SPFM and Green Book appraisal methodologies.

A Net Present Value ( NPV) should be prepared for each option in order to facilitate a consistent comparison of the costs and benefits that accrue over the lifetime of the asset.The Green Book recommends that all spending proposals should be accompanied by a proportionate and well structured business case.

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