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Day trading in the stock market is the buying and selling of stock in such a way that at the end of each day you have no holdings! Day traders rapidly buy and sell stocks throughout the day in the hope that their stocks will continue climbing or falling in value for the seconds, minutes to hours they own the stock, allowing them to lock in quick profits. Most individual investors do not have the wealth, the time, or the temperament to make money and to sustain the devastating losses that day trading can bring. The difference between investing and day trading is that when investing you are betting on the company but in day trading you are simply playing against other day traders and could care less about the company or even what it does! Before you start day trading, take an amount of money and pour lighter fluid all over it and then strike a match!
But stand there and always remember that at any given time, when you are day trading for a living, you are risking your money and it may be in as much risk. Because I don't know any day traders that haven't seen their money go up in a puff of smoke during market hours! If you are looking to trade the longer term trend then I suggest you read my online Stock Market eBook. I initially created this website to keep an online journal and stay disciplined with my trading. My goal is to provide aspiring traders with much needed quality education that is essential due to the high failure rate in trading, so they can avoid the pitfalls they are bound to run into.

Also remember to read up on Trading Psychology as a lot of traders fail due to lack of discipline and patience. Here I explain about Phase Analysis and how to analyze the Market, Sector and the Stock for higher odds trading. In addition to this, I believe that in order to stay successful you have to keep educating yourself which is exactly what this site does for me as I like to keep up to date with developments in trading education which I can then publish on this site. Successful trading is the single most difficult thing I have ever achieved so I know for a fact that traders need quality education, preferably for free, to save capital needed for trading. I have seen so many traders lose all their money because they believed they could become rich trading the Stock Market or Forex Market without any prior knowledge of how the Market works. The basic premise behind why the stock market exists is because companies need money to grow.
A private company turns into a public company and that is when a company first appears in the stock market.The stock market can be compared to eBay. The left over shares have value and the general public decides what that value is based on the stock market.
Instead I turn on my computer and begin looking at a chart, do a few minute pre market analysis, and begin trading.Most people that we call day traders look at the market which strictly technical analysis.
The only difference between the three is the amount of time they are involved in positions.Scalper TradersProfessional day traders that make money in the stock market with high frequency and lower profit are called scalpers.

The goal is to take advantage of small inconsistencies in the market in addition to quick movements (changes in value in a matter of seconds or minutes).A scalper may only be in a position for five or 10 seconds or possibly a minute. Our live classes are normally a few hours as well since the best activity in the markets come within the first few hours.Swing tradersProfessional day traders that make their money swing trading involves a much longer period of time. A swing trader uses fundamental or technical analysis but stays in trades over a few days or even weeks.
If we are estimating the value on something we can also estimate that the value is going down and make a profit on it.Day traders can actually make more money when the market is going down, when the economy is in a recession, or when there is a crisis. One of the reasons I love to make a living day trading is because we actually make more money and an economic downturn and a crisis than we do when things are going well. A bit of novice background of how I make a living day trading & traveling around the world. So far im pulled towards the Intraday trading, which websites and programmes do you recommend to do my research in before I start investing money, also on the subject of money I was thinking of starting off with about ?2000 capital its all I can spare to lose at the moment if im not very good at trading.

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