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AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and older improve the quality of their lives. We talked last week about the importance of investing and why it can’t wait for the million and one reasons that will always stand in your way. The solution: online investing websites and the ability to buy stocks online without an advisor. I’ve been buying stocks online since I got out of the Marine Corps in 2001 and have several accounts on different sites. Then you will fill out a list of questions on your income, wealth, investing experience and occupation.
You will answer questions about your occupation and whether you are considered an ‘insider’ at a company as well. After your account is reviewed and approved, and there are very few reasons why it wouldn’t be approved, you will link it up to your bank account with the ABA and routing number. All online investing sites will offer general information on each stock traded in the market as well as some basic analysis. Since we are not focusing on a particular online investing site, I decided to use Yahoo Finance as an example of the basic information you’ll see on a stock.
1) The name of the company, price per share of stock and the change in price will be listed at the top. 2) The bid price is how much someone is offering for the stock while the ask price is the price at which someone is offering to sell their stock.
4) The 52-week range is the highest and lowest price at which the stock has traded over the last year. 5) Volume is the amount of shares that are trading so far that day and the average amount of shares traded each day over the last three months.
Nano-cap companies (below $50 million) and micro-cap companies (up to $300 million) are extremely small and risky investments.
Large-cap companies ($10 billion to $200 billion) and mega-cap companies (above $200 billion) are the giants of the economy.
Until you become an owner of assets and start making money off your money, you’ll always be a renter and will live paycheck to paycheck. These stockbrokers pay for a seat on the exchanges and make their money from fees or commissions when people give them orders to buy or sell. These websites like TDAmeritrade and ETrade also offer some advisor services but the concept is a DIY investing tool so you can save on fees. Someone with no knowledge of options trading and margin should not be given access to these without helping them understand the risks first. These are set by regulators so the online investing site can monitor trading by people that might have non-public information and could break the law by trying to profit from it. Most online investing sites offer excellent customer service (they better if they want a piece of a trillion dollar market) and will guide you through some of their tutorials on the phone. Many will also offer 3rd-party research analysis from companies like Credit Suisse and Morningstar.
This is a pretty common layout and there are a few points on the graphic that you should understand.

A stock that generally moves up or down closely with the market will have a beta close to one. While it won’t tell you if something is really expensive or cheap, I always just like to notice if the stock is trading at its high-point or near the low. If many people are not buying and selling the stock, then the bid and ask price may be farther apart.
You will want to check this out to make sure it doesn’t affect your decision to buy or sell the stock.
They are generally penny stocks and may not have to provide all the financial information required of other companies.
We’ll also look at some risks to avoid before wrapping it up with a couple of example online investing sites to buy stocks online. The advisor may also be tempted to trade in and out of stocks to try for the big win and justify their advice.
It never hurts to call up customer service after you open an account and ask them to show you the most used features and how to get around the site.
If the stock or fund does not have much volume (see below) the bid and ask price may be farther apart. Stocks that are much more risky than the market will have a beta higher than one while less risky stocks will have a beta of less than one. I’m frugal to the core and always think twice about buying something that is around its most expensive. You might have to pay a little extra to buy the shares or take a price discount to sell the shares if the average daily volume is less than a few hundred thousand shares. Risk of total loss is very high and these companies are generally not suitable for individual investors. You probably won’t need the majority of features offered on an online investing site and sometimes the most basic sites are the best. If this is the case, it will affect how you buy the stock online which we will highlight below. By the same token, there may be a good reason that a stock price has plunged to its low and you will want to know why before you buy shares. The advisor wants you to buy and sell as often as possible or to buy certain funds even if they are not necessarily right for your needs. Personal Capital has over 800,000 users of their free financial dashboard to help manage your money and I’m a consultant who is privy to some of their data to share with all of you.
The easiest way to analyze the charts is to compare the age range with the bond allocation in red. A 20% or less bond + cash allocation for people under 44 seems more digestible, since people under 44 have at least 20 years to make up for any massive losses.2) The data is showing that the mass affluent are extremely bullish about the economy and the stock market, or they are extremely bearish about the bond market, which has been rising for 30+ years in a row. I get a sense that after five years of a bull market in stocks, investors are overly confident about their investing prowess and have forgotten what financial pain feels like.
Robo-advisors have raised a tremendous amount of new funding because they can do no wrong when stocks keep going up.
If I count my online business, stocks and bonds would make up less than 20% of my net worth.

I’ve got 35-40% of my net worth in property and 10% of my net worth in risk free CDs.
Overconfidence in one’s ability to make money may be the key reason why every single mass affluent demographic above is under allocated in bonds. I personally just buy bond ETFs like I bought MUB, the iShares National AMT-Free Muni Bond in my $10,000 Motif Investing fund.
Wealthfront charges $0 in fees for the first $10,000 and only 0.25% for any money over $10,000. Sam loved investing so much that he decided to make a career out of investing by spending the next 13 years after college working at Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse Group. During this time, Sam received his MBA from UC Berkeley with a focus on finance and real estate. He spends time playing tennis, hanging out with family, consulting for leading fintech companies, and writing online to help others achieve financial freedom. Sam focuses on helping readers build more income in real estate, investing, entrepreneurship, and alternative investments in order to achieve financial independence sooner, rather than later.You can sign up to receive his articles via email or by RSS.
Sam also sends out a private quarterly newsletter with information on where he's investing his money and more sensitive information.
There is a scenario where interest rates stay low for an extended period like Japan (over 2 decades and counting).I also realize that because the US seems to be the best of the worst when you look at the economies around the world, that bonds may hold their own as our bonds seem to be the safest bet. My rate on my mortgage is 3.675%, and in my opinion the interest saved by paying of my mortgage early is the same as interest earned. I have met a lot of extremely wealthy investors that have a significant portion of their net worth in bonds.
With normal (or nominal) fixed-income investments, investors bear inflation risk in that the purchasing power of interest payments could be eroded by inflation over and above their original expectations. TIPS, however, are guaranteed to keep pace with inflation as defined by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Furthermore, the coupon payment (3%), which is also based on face value, would be $33 (payments adjust and are paid semi-annually).
The end result is that not only are interest payments protected against inflation, but so is the bond’s face value, which is returned to the investor at maturity. Traditional nominal bonds offer neither of these protections.Because TIPS protect investors against inflationary concerns and nominal bonds do not, they behave differently from one another. More specifically, as inflationary expectations increase, nominal bonds will become less attractive as future interest payments are eroded by inflation. If you graph the household allocation to equities % at FRED its currently at all time levels consistent with 1929, 2000, and 2007 (good company). Seems to be the thinking.I myself am 100% in equities, though just starting out and mostly in blue chips with strong dividends bought at good valuations.

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