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You forgot to mention the random event of driving the guy to the airport who gives you a stock tip to invest in Tinkle, as well as the guy who emails you with shares of Animal Ark for getting his bike back.
Firstly, the graph apparently reflects this past week, but it seems to say that the stock spent time at $70 a share, and was now resting at $56. Django, I agree with you - the chart on each individual stock is at best difficult to decipher, and at worst meaningless.
So I can't answer your question, but I've decided to only pay attention to the High and Low numbers, and buy when a stock is within about 10% of the swing to the Low number. I think the general consensus is that stocks WILL climb back towards their High value, so I have faith that eventually this will pay off.
Also in response to your initial questions "last" is the price of the stock before it last changed. Edit:one thing I forgot to mention, in the main menu of the stock market there are stories about things happening with businesses such as food poisoning at Burger Shot. The graph on the main LCN page is there to give you a general idea of how the stock market is moving, but not the image on the stock page itself. I then sent him to sleep over and over for a week (game time), checking his portfolio every time he woke up to see how the stock was doing.

I own several LCN stocks on all 3 characters and, like you, I noticed that so far (over several in-game days - well over a week) they have moved very little, but their "details" page shows wild swings up and down each day. For the last couple of in-game weeks, though, all of my bought-low stocks are just staying low, with one exception.
You can't really say how often that is (some stocks linger at the same price for longer than others) but the information is useful and I will explain why in a minute. Those are pretty good indicators on what stock is going to make a big change fairly soon, or has just made a big change. We deliver breaking news, the best advice, the most in-depth features, expert reviews, and essential guides for all the entertainment you love. 10% of the swing is $9, so I'll buy if the stock is between $10-19 (or if it goes below $10 of course).
If you look at a real life stock market they have all of that information with change %, and that fits into some equation that stock brokers do to guess where the market is going.
If a stock is $10 and jumps to $15 the %change is 50% because $10-$15 is $5 and $5 is 50% of $10. It is generally meant to be watched closely (so your entire play time consists of watching the market) because stocks only go up or down a small amount, but they change very often.

Watch the social club charts for a stock that is crashing and compare it with the in game charts.
Pay no attention to the high, it is the price of the stock when the game launched and most stocks don't get anywhere near their initial worth. When the stock reaches it's low point, and the in game chart show an uptick in stock value buy. Your best bet when playing the market is to watch stocks and buy them at their lowest and sell whenever there is an increase.
If you buy into this you can purchase a lot of stocks and can potentially double your money, whereas most stocks will only give you a small amount of a return by comparison because you have fewer stocks overall. I think with the right stock I could make at least 5000% ROI (that's Return On Investment).

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