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Reason #2: Silver is very cheap at its current $32 level based on both an inflation adjusted basis as well as measured by the Gold to Silver Ratio. Reason #3: The silver supply is actually disappearing much faster than gold as it is actually used in industrial applications. Unlike gold that is stockpiled by countries and also preserved in jewelry, etc., silver is not and it is also used extensively in industrial applications for electronics.
MR will reveal five more reasons in our second blog in the series along with more picks in the gold and silver mining area.
Other ways to play this uptrend move in the gold and silver prices is with ETFs that track the real asset prices. To get our weekly TOP stock and ETF picks and detailed market commentary automatically sent to your email, enter your name and email address in the form below. Investors can take advantage of our best investor services in our premium Gold Investor Membership. This report focuses more on silver for getting the larger return of the two metals but gold will see strong appreciation as well.

Furthermore, silver measured against the historic Gold to Silver Ratio (GS) is significantly undervalued. This will put significant upside pressure on both silver and gold as it did in the late 1970’s and 1980’s.
It has 5 high income and retirement products worth $400 with some unbelievable dividend stock picks with both value and good growth. Get  access to the top Momentum Rider investor portfolios, Special Reports, and stock picks by trying it out risk free for a few months. It is also worth noting that since gold’s peak in 1980, gold’s up only 65%, while inflation is up 175% and stocks have gained 900%. A recent estimate shows declines from 1800 million ounces of silver in the open market in the early 1990’s to what is now about 600 million ounces of silver available.
This reason alone supports a minimum move of gold to over $2,500 and silver to over $60 and ounce once inflation starts kicking in. In addition, there are estimates that private investors now hold over 90% of the world supply of silver which could even increase.

In addition, the gold stocks and silver stocks also saw big price and volume days on the Fed news. Also, an ETF basket of Gold Miners minimizes the individual company risk as well (see GDX). Finally, Momentum Rider will provide their top mining gold stocks and silver stocks to take advantage of this new uptrend. We will be following up with one more blog on the top junior mining stocks and the speculative gold and silver mining stocks.

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