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Successful Forex trading is all about being in control: control of your risk, control of your emotions and controlling how much of Forex you let into your day-to-day life.
Forex trading is a personal journey, one where you must face your inner demons and learn to conquer them before you see any progress.
SummaryMany people are highly attracted to Forex trading – looking to escape their need to work a day job. If you would like to learn about our end of day trading techniques, the two hour work week or our price action swing trading strategies – stop by and check out the War Room for Serious Traders. There's really no traditional way to pursue a career in trading, whether you are trading for a prop firm, managing a pool of investor capital as a money manager, or running a hedge fund. There's no university you can enroll in to become a money manager or to earn a trading degree, like you would a degree in Engineering or Medicine. You just can't go to FX Trading College and get a Bachelor of Science Degree in proprietary trading and have a guaranteed job as a trader upon graduation. If you are yearning for a job trading currencies in a pro capacity, our FastTrack program would be ideal for you.

The trading strategies we teach you to help you get there are proprietary, practical, and powerful.
So if you interested in accelerating your progress towards a professional trading career in foreign exchange, our FastTrack program is the answer. Those who are just starting out, want to improve their trading results, or don't have a lot of real trading experience should visit our page on professional trading (at this link) and take advantage of our FastTrack training. They let Forex trading consume their life and it kicks off a chain of self-sabotaging events – just like a gambler, alcoholic or drug abuser. Most traders put themselves in highly stressful situations like trading with high frequency where patience can run very thin, quick!
This helps comparing how your emotions are negatively, or positively influencing your trading performance.
Skilled traders or those who want to learn how to successfully manage capital in FX should avoid these traditional firms like the plague.
Companies that utilize this business model do not give traders access to trading capital nor provide them with trading opportunities.

You also have to bust your arse and work on training for your mind, since success in trading is mostly affected by mental factors.
Kampani to speculate with the exchange markets jobs found myself with simply hired's job challenge being a forex mentor is mini. But at least the self training paid off that I can now confidently take a head dive into the market anytime I like and get out with profits because I’m no longer influenced by emotions in my trading just like you rightly pointed out as being a mental factor that affects the performance in trading. From efinancialcareers, experienced proprietary trading company description: maverick fx markets.

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