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Options market risk reversals have long been known as a gauge of financial market sentiment, and this article highlights two key strategies in using FX options risk reversals to trade major currency pairs. In our last Forex Strategy Corner article, we discussed the importance of volatility expectations in pricing FX options and how to use them in gauging market conditions.
Given that implied volatility is one of the most important determinants of an option’s price, we use it as a proxy for market demand for a specific option.
In our FX Options Weekly Forecast, we use Risk Reversals to gauge trends and shifts in trends for major currency pairs.
The chart below shows that the EURUSD set several important tops and bottoms when the 90-day FX Options risk reversal hit 100 and 0 percent, respectively. Entry Rule: When the Risk Reversal hits its bottom 5th percentile in the past 90 days, buy.

Entry Rule: When the Risk Reversal hits its bottom 5th percentile or below as it relates to previous 90 days, go short. Risk reversals nonetheless show some promise using different trading styles on the major currency pairs, and this suggests that we can use it as another confirming indicator in timing medium-to-longer term swing trades. FX options risk reversals take volatility analysis one step further and use them not to predict market conditions but as a gauge of sentiment on a specific currency pair.
Thus if we compare implied volatility levels across a series of options, we can get a sense for trader sentiment on a direction for a specific currency pair. We are subsequently interested in the relative shape of the curve; the chart above shows that options traders are paying a significant volatility premium for OTM EURUSD puts versus the equivalent calls.
Yet we have found it is a bit more difficult to use the absolute Risk Reversal number in creating set strategies, as different dynamics across currency pairs complicates standardization of strategy rules.

This tells us how bullish or bearish FX Options traders’ sentiment is in relation to the preceding 90 trading days. Using algorithmic trading software, we will download FX Options Risk Reversals data into common text-based spreadsheet files and import them into FXCM’s Strategy Trader software.
Through the pictured time frame, risk reversal extremes in either direction provided accurate signals for reversal and great timing tools.

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