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The new way of interacting with the chart allows the user to constantly inspect the bars, while hovering the chart with the mouse and also dragging it, even into the future. On mouse left + right click, lock scroll; on mouse left click, right click, double click and drag chart, unlock.
Browse the chart by keeping the left mouse button pressed and moving up and down over the values scale. From the chart, you can flatten the contract at the market price, cancel the buy or sell orders for the contract or cancel all the orders for the contract . If you start typing the symbol of a contract, the "New chart" dialog appears and you can choose a different contract.

Post a previous settlement indicator (P) for the closing price of the last session for futures quotes.
You can draw a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or a Intraday Chart for the selected contract.
Click on "All Contracts" and a table with all futures months of the clicked contract will appear. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results and the risk of loss does exist in futures trading. The latest currency news is updated three times a day on the TV video channel, and the economic calendar provides all the fundamental news for the day, along with the live news feed and live currency charts. With a bearish sentiment to the daily chart, we will need to see some strong signals in order to see a reversal in the short term, and any confirmed breakout higher will need to clear this resistance significantly for the bullish tone to be re-instated. The open, high, low and close price for a chart point are shown simultaneously on a bar chart.

In plus, the change in price is more evident on this type of chart because the difference between the open and close is shown in a graphical way. With the futures price now having cleared the resistance level at 0.678, this should provide support for a move higher in due course with all three moving averages turning higher.
It is also interesting to note that the high of the day failed to pierce the resistance level of February in the 0.82 region, and coupled with our analysis of the volume and spread of the candle using volume spread analysis, would suggest that we may see prices fall in the next few days, and continue the bearish trend of the lat few weeks for the currency future. There are seven chart types: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Intraday, Ticks and Volume. Each of this chart types have different limits which the user can set using the "Limit to" control below.

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