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Trading Strategy Tester for FOREX is a software simulator of Foreign Exchange Market - FOREX.
Trading Strategy Tester for FOREX is a software simulator of the Foreign Exchange Market - Forex. The automated test environment is being designed to execute our test methodology and make you comfortable that your strategy works. Once tests are passed, any trading strategy can be used in real trading from the same software suite via the interface to MetaTrader terminal. Forex Tester is new independent and unbiased forex testing service founded by Mark Larsen, professional forex trader with well over 10 years of experience. Hi there!I am Mark, professional Forex trader with well over 10 years of trading experience.Few years ago my good friend Ryan and I decided to create the website with independent forex reviews.
The Good: Works for all market conditions without one having to optimize or adjust the settings. It is an excellent instrument for studying trading in a fast and convenient way, to gain and improve trading skills without risking real money. By way of comparison, we just wanted to show what you can achieve with our Smart Forex Tester software but not with other populat tools.

Of course, you can test yourself as a trader. If we use an analogy with flight simulators, we can test whether you can land safely or crash without risking anything. We are developing our Smart Forex Tester software for testing Forex strategies – focusing on the end result from the very beginning.
Why don’t you just formalize the rules and make an automated trader which executes them for you.
The main prerequisite for successful trading is your trading strategy – clearly formalized.
Main goal of the website is to provide independent investigation and review of all top forex systems and expert advisors available on the market. Bit later I started the series of my video forex reviews on youtube and forex-tester website.We never join any affiliate or referral links, we do not charge any fees to any service provider nor to our users to read the content. Only the core logic of the strategy needs to be defined, all the standard operations are hidden.
All forex reviews are based on the last test performance of each trading system and our own experience.We were really tired of all the crap going on the forex market recently so our goal is to provide the word honestly about each forex system to fellow traders looking for help and advice. You do not need to train in real time, waiting for days and weeks to test your long term strategies, Trading Strategy Tester for FOREX will pack this time in hours and minutes and the speed of testing can be adjusted.

For small periods - like minutes - increasing time intervals will give you more time to think. If you make a mistake, you can easily go back and test this situation again as many times as you want. You can see the results of testing as profit diagrams including: balance, margin, equity and drawdown.
Statistics windows will help you to analize your strategy more deeply with additional parameters.
Trading Strategy Tester for FOREX has an open interface that allows you to create your own indicators and includes help with examples of how to create them. Also, Trading Strategy Tester for FOREX possesess very convenient drawing tools to paint on the charts.

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