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The SRcandle forex indicator shows support and resistance levels on the 1 hour, 4 hour and daily chart. The extreme CCI forex indicator reveals interesting area’s to buy and sell currencies. A really accurate free forex scalping system that can be used on the 5 minute and 15 minute charts. The forex arbitrage system takes advantage of the overall currency trend and exploits the strength & weakness between 2 currencies.
A simple basic trend following strategy anyone can learn to generate profits from forex trading.
Here’s a really easy to follow forex strategy based on fast exponential moving averages.
A simple forex trend trading strategy with trend following indicator and the Pipboxer indicator.

The instant execution forex robot puts some easy to use MT4 buttons on top of your trading chart. The forex squeeze indicator is based on a trading strategy found in the book Mastering the Trade, written by john Carter. Download 250+ Quality Metatrader 4 Indicators, Trading Strategies and Forex Systems for FREE!
The forex trend trading strategy with Legacy indicator and MACD is a low risk power trend strategy looking to take advantage of pullbacks in both uptrends and downtrends. This trend following strategy consists of the realMACD indicator and an arrow based system with upper-and lower band, which allow us to precisely place stop loss orders without the need for second guessing. Ride the trend with the DeMarker forex strategy with multi trend signal confirmation (ADX, RSI, MOM, CCI, OsMa, MACD, SAR, WPR, MA). The forex slope strategy is composed of the MT4 TmaSlope indicator with the popular Stochastic oscillator.

Exit rules: exit at the next MACD lines crossover or if the market starts trading sideways for some time.
SMA indicator signal can be confirmed after the current price bar has been fully formed and closed. Combining it with MACD which is a bit lagging indicator looks very good , but i really wanna know if this method could be used for GBPJPY and if possible what time `could be the best time `to trade this pair.

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