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After the capture of Saddam Hussein, investment opportunities in the Dinar were made apparent.
Since that dramatic increase, the exchange rate has held steady at roughly 1IQD = $0.00067USD.
The funny thing about this Middle Eastern capital’s hustle and bustle is how much of the movement is dominated by cars with Iraqi license plates. Nevertheless, you may have heard or seen some recent hype surrounding Iraq’s currency, the dinar. Well, to paraphrase an old American saying, if you’ll buy the dinar, I’ve got a bridge in Baghdad to sell you! Those heavy spenders are in fact shelling out big money to grab your attention on Google and other search engines as you check to see what’s up with Iraq. They want to catch you at the door of the digital library before you read too much, because there’s a sad truth that undermines Iraq’s growth prospects.
More than half a million Iraqis sought refuge in Jordan since 2003, and over twice that number fled to Syria.
Iraqi petroleum output, essentially dormant because of danger these many years, is set to rise to 2.6 million barrels a day in 2012. Foreign exchange opportunists will gladly give you dinars for dollars… and some of them are so willing to do this deal, they’ll trade it to you in person. But buying dinars really can be thought of as buying stock in Iraq, and Iraq’s a “company” with unstable leadership, no clear economic policy and plenty of rubble to deal with. The State of Washington, among other responsible parties, is sick of folks getting burned on the dinar and other foreign exchange scams. Buyers of these dinars don’t know what they’re getting, even when the dealer has an easy-to-obtain U.S. Foreign exchange means “exchange” in two ways: First, you’re exchanging one currency for another in hopes that the one you buy will appreciate in value against the one you sell.
The Iraqi dinar hit near a new high today, trading at 1260 to the US dollar or $793.65 per million dinars. Whatever the reason for the dinar’s rise, I learned long ago to take into account economic indicators when evaluating political and societal conditions.

Iraqi Dinar is very real, but the pitch many Dinar dealers try to send your way is far from reality and designed to get you buy from them. First, the US government requires a business (or anyone for that matter) to register with them when selling any kind of currency. Three and a half years later, investors are still waiting, still hoping, and still buying more dinars. In this, there is not one but three misconceptions that may unfortunately shatter the expectations people are placing on the dinar. Another major misconception is that the Iraqi government wants a stronger currency that better reflects the wealth of its substantial oil reserves, which are currently the second largest in the world.
As the following graph of the dinar versus the USD shows, the IQD has remained largely flatlined and stable since the beginning of 2009. Just by looking at the graph, any trader familiar with currencies will tell you the IQD is being manipulated by the Iraqi government.
Time and again the chart will show how the dinar returns back to a pre-determined line, which the central bank controls simply by controlling the amount of USD in circulation. As the CBI explains, “The primary objectives of the Central Bank of Iraq is to ensure domestic price stability and foster a stable competitive market based financial system. Sellers of the Iraqi dinar are making a killing on all this talk of a currency revaluation. According to a Salt Lake City, Utah news report, financial attorney and Forbes contributor Jay Adkisson believes there is “a proliferation of websites and social media created by scam artists pushing the dinar as an amazing investment opportunity.
Yet some investors feel purchasing dinars is a great way to participate in the expansion of Iraq’s economy, which is set to boom over the next 10 years.
But there are more secure ways of benefiting from oil than the risky trading of a speculative foreign currency. It could be years or even a decade before the Iraqi government allows its currency to trade as freely as most other currencies do – according to the laws of supply and demand, interest rates, and economic activity. Better returns could be found in one’s own country or in economies where continuing stimulus will keep stocks strong for years to come. Wars, entitlement programs, and unrestricted money printing are leaving us in dire straits.This is why it is crucial that you know how to protect yourself and your family from the meltdown that is all but certain to come.Sign up today for Wealth Daily and receive your FREE guide that outlines (18) critical steps that you must take now!

The dinar has been steadily appreciating over the last few months and the rate as of Jan 16th, 2008 is 1IQD = $0.00083USD).
Efforts have been made to insure its accuracy, but OdioWorks, LLC can not be held responsible for any losses as a result of its direct, or indirect use.
Some heavy spenders are bullish on the dinar, considering it a bet on a young democracy with a major natural resource bounty.
However the snoops’ encyclopedia doesn’t say whether those pre-war levels account for sanctions on Saddam before his ouster. Granted, the downward movement here shows that the dinar is gaining strength against the dollar. You can trade some euros at the local bank for dollars when you come back from a nice trip, but you can’t do the same in dinars.
Since no exchange exists for the Iraqi Dinar, dealers can charge whatever they want to sell and buy back the Dinars. These loud voices in the online forex world claim to be riding a wave only a fool would miss. They’re also pieces of the economy that’s supposed to profit enough to make the Iraqi dinar a good investment. We expressly forbid our writers from having a financial interest in their own securities recommendations to readers. There are signs of growing dissatisfaction among Iraq’s Sunnis with the mostly-Sunni al-Qaeda.
By August of 2004, less than a year, that same 5,000,000IQD was now worth $3,400USD, for a gross profit of $2,050!

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