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Lurking around a forex forum can give you the benefit of hearing about the experiences and ideas of traders with a little more trading under their belts.
If you have a trading system that you’ve dreamed up, or want to try using, a forex forum is a good way to get some feedback on that system. There are many benefits of using a forex forum in which the first one is the information shared by many experienced traders that is much useful for learning as experience is so important in forex trading. BUT, a lot of trader will put-up a lot of comment which try to damage competitors reputation and try to destroy other name and blacklist those company because of tough competition in forex market. This will be sufficient to enable the IMF to help specific countries at risk but it will not provide a systemic solution for the less developed countries.

Visiting a forex forum can give you some sense of an idea of what other traders are doing, or at least thinking about doing.
The second thing is that we can ask any question here at forex forum and can get its answer. Instead of setting a universal target of 2 per cent of gross domestic product for stimulus packages, it is enough to agree that the periphery countries need aid to protect their financial systems. There really is no substitute for experience, however, sometimes it proves to be much cheaper to learn from someone else. Visiting forex forums regularly are a good way to keep tabs on the rumor mill and to find out about news that you may have missed.

Every trader needs some social interaction sometimes and a forex forum is a perfect place for that.

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