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These workshops are always a Sunday and Monday and it’s always a 0830 arrival for a 0900 prompt start on the Sunday morning. You will be invited to join our growing movement of Realistic Traders in our private Facebook group. Attend a Realistic Trader National event so you can gain more trading knowledge and also this is a great chance to socialise with dozens of other like-minded individuals and make friends.
You will by now have had 3 months of consistently profitable trading with your LIVE account.
This is a great time to do one of the more advanced trading courses that Siam offers to his more experienced students. You will by now have done a years’ worth of consistently profitable trading and about 9 months on a live account. These days I have a set time schedule for the time of day that I trade and I look at charts for maybe 15 minutes a day. That comes right back to the importance of having, what I call, a solid trading foundation.  That foundation starts with a forex trading education coupled with practice on a demo account.

This dummy trading account is crucial as you’ll be able to trade the live markets but with the safety of fake money whilst you hone your skills. This is only so that when you are ready, you can simply pop some money into it to get used to real trading.
A good forex trading course helps you understand, interpret and utilize the trading signals. This will be a group you’ll spend a fair bit of time throughout your trading journey. This is now a great time to share your experiences on the big stage at a Realistic Trader National event and to also receive your 1 YEAR Badge of Realistic Trading.
For summer has now think you select offers various trading, less profitable trades based in bobe now include instant trader is just under the release or commodities oil prices from the pc or tablet. After trending up or downward for a while, it would obviously have to bounce back above or below the band and head in the opposite direction.
Perhaps most importantly, I get far more sleep and feel much less anxious about my trades than I did when I was staring at charts all day (and much of the night).

Trading with your cold hard cash is a different experience to trading with your demo account. This will be a great moment for you as you will have made dozens of friends within the community and the recognition on stage is a nice cherry on top of your already profitable trading account!
For example, when I realized that the CCI graph was describing the same price behaviour as one moving average crossing over another and then approaching and rebounding off the Bollinger Bands, I felt more confident in being able to look at fewer charts and still receive the same information. What will help you is adjusting your expectations, and realizing that staring at a chart 12 hours a day may in fact be as harmful as it is helpful. So even if you are trading extremely well, funding your account with a small amount is advisable (?500-?2000).

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