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University of Akron President Scott Scarborough gave his state of the university speech at E.J. AKRON, Ohio -- University of Akron President Scott Scarborough wants to "exchange a new lamp for the old," quoting a book by university professor George Knepper about the university's first 100 years. Early on the president compared the university to his previous employer, the University of Toledo, which he said faced many of the same maladies as the University of Akron: perpetually declining enrollment, stifling debt and a deteriorating financial picture. Ohio is expected to graduate fewer high school students in coming years, in line with other states.

Scarborough said that Arizona State, with 80,000 students spread across multiple campuses, should be a model for Akron.
Scarborough said that the university currently has a lack of special programs needed to attract international students, save for a 3-year, 2-year exchange program for Chinese students in polymer science. Building on the university's reputation as a polymer center, Scarborough said that the university could do more to pair the university with local companies, even connecting students in a hypothetical professional masters degree programs with jobs upon graduation.
According to marketing data presented Tuesday, the University of Akron is eighth among Ohio universities in brand recognition, a precarious position given Scarborough's brand manifesto.

LeBron James' first University of Akron commercial was shown at University President Scott Scarborough's State of the University speech Tuesday afternoon. That is going to make it difficult for a school like the University of Akron to keep enrollment numbers at a level needed to pay off debt on the 22 new and renovated buildings the school built in the last 15 years.

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