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For historical Pounds to dollars and French Francs to dollars conversions, again see Links section, below.
Using split-testing software is a powerful way to increase your website’s conversion rate (that is, its ability to turn visitors into customers). When your conversion rate does increase, however, we recommend you don’t just sit back and enjoy the profits (tempting as it might be to do so). In summary, if you increase your conversion rate, your business will grow much more than you might expect! These increases may sound daunting, but to increase your homepage’s conversion rate by 25%, for example, you would have to make just a 2.27% improvement to ten aspects of your website.
In summary, once you’ve finished reading this article, you need to clear your desk and start working on increasing your site’s conversion rate—and hope your competitors aren’t reading this too. 74. Many websites find they get higher conversion rates if their page is set out in the form of a sales letter with a personable one-on-one style of writing.

If you are serious about becoming great at conversion, you should download our amazingly useful free reports. Kevin Woodberry, Online Marketing Manager at Vodafone, speaking about working with the Conversion Rate Experts team.
Plus email notification of new tools, research and conversion insights as soon as we get them.
If you don’t have any currently, try giving media outlets free stuff in exchange for reviews and feedback.
Please note, we’re definitely not suggesting you lie to your visitors—your conversion rate depends heavily on credibility and trust. Imagine that every pixel on your page either increases the conversion rate or decreases it—or just takes up space. It takes you by the hand through many of the 108 tips we’ve covered in this article—and lets you peek into our world of conversion rate testing.

Here’s our essential guide to increasing your conversion rate using split-testing software.
In reality, doing just one of these 108 things could be enough to double your conversion rate.
A 10% conversion rate means that of every 10 visitors to your site, nine walk away empty-handed.

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