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Use this website and the trading videos for ideas and seeing a non-conventional approach to Emini day trading in action. For my Emini day trading, I use these 3 indicators on multiple time frames: 500, 1,500 and 4,500 tick charts. The entry and exit orders are for 100% of my position, as I don’t scale in or out of Emini day trades. January 24, 2014 by Barry Lutz Our trading method strategies for futures day trading are being used for the emini russell as the index of choice, along with the euro currency and crude oil. January 22, 2014 by Barry Lutz This is the emini russell day trading management follow-up video. January 20, 2014 by Barry Lutz This is an emini russell day trading video that discusses trade setup selection, but has a primary focus on trade management for initial risk and profit targets – both for trading method trading, and for additional considerations using the renko charts. January 8, 2014 by Barry Lutz This is another emini russell day trading video, discussing the importance of using a combination of renko charts and tick chart. January 6, 2014 by Barry Lutz Emini russell day trading video discussing how chart reading and trade setup clarity can be improved by trading with multiple chart types, specifically a renko chart and tick chart combination. December 28, 2013 by Barry Lutz I have continued the trading video discussing renko base trade setups on the emini russell, now talking about position trading the IWM Russell 2000 ETF. In this video, I want to discuss emini dow day trading and reasons for adding it as another index future, to our trading list that includes the emini russell, euro currency, and crude oil.

As I mentioned in my email update, this was the result of another trader’s questions.  And I also wanted to discuss this, because of another trader’s questions about sp500 emini day trading, which I really couldn’t give good answers to.
I like the alternative of having multiple futures contracts to trade, especially with the additional selectivity of the renko base trade setups. I might not have an index trade setup, but there might be one on oil or the euro currency, or a forex pair if that’s what you are trading.
So, all of this sounds good and the dow jones emini is an index future I could potentially recommend day trading. Because, I don’t want to make too much of only trading this for 1 day – it should be profitable with a directional move of down over 150 points at the time I sent my email.  But I did get to look at some past charts that have some good renko base trade setups. These numbers compare to a 9 period moving average of volume at 9:00ct of 286 – which is how I have concluded at this point that the emini dow can be day traded overnight. I am going to end our first emini dow futures day trading video.  I wanted to introduce this contract into our futures trading list, and give you the trading chart parameters.
Additionally, I wanted to discuss this first trading swing to answer a question, and to discuss overnight trading volume. No two traders have the same psychology, risk tolerance, trading capital, aptitude, dedication or interests. This gives me high confidence that a trend change is approaching and an Emini day trade signal is setting up.

These days TradeStation is still the best choice for me – particularly because their data feed is in-built and simplifies life considerably. I find the Emini too volatile to use trailing stops to capture the size of swings I’m looking for. The Emini market is just like the Colosseum in Rome – the pinnacle of the trading arenas.
Then work on your trading every day, slowly making fewer mistakes and becoming consistently profitable. Instead I try to use the Emini’s volatility to hit my profit target, get out and wait for another setup. If I see Amateurs (yellow bars) making new lows I know they’re trading a breakout that is likely to fail and reverse.

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