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Easy-Forex is a broker that has been around for almost 10 years and through this period it has been acknowledged as a creative and innovative company that makes Forex trading easy and accessible for everyone. In the year 2011 Easy Forex has received some criticism and class action suits, even an outrageous amount of negative spam comments was published across the web.
Easy Forex provides a great set of features for the beginners and intermediates in the Forex world. If you are new to the world of trading, we strongly encourage you to try out Easy Forex services by registering here, because this is not only a broker that provides you with the opportunity to trade, but also greatly supports and mentors you.
Easy-Forex does not provide the best spread, thus if you are a professional trader or an individual seeking to invest over 10,000 USD, we would recommend you taking a look at another broker. The beginners in the world of Forex or people looking to change a broker are recommended to click here to open your free practice account with EasyForex. Holders of a mini account qualify for One-on-one training options, chat access and the ability to use all of the platform features.
Some brokers provide trading accounts denominated in Gold, however it is not a case with Easy Forex. On top of all the benefits that are issued to the holders of Mini Accounts, traders with Gold Accounts are qualifying for live market alerts via SMS and technical analysis signals.
Platinum Accounts are mostly suitable for medium and large size traders; the minimum deposit for this type of accounts starts from 5,000 USD and the minimum deal size is 250,000 USD. Besides all of the services Available to the holders of Gold Account, Platinum traders receive an option to use even higher than 1:400 leverage and a tool for professional charting development. If you are looking to invest over 10,000 USD and want to be treated well, then this choice is for you.
VIP clients receive all of the possible benefits from Easy Forex, this includes everything provided to the aforementioned accounts and personal phone calls from the dealers and personal technical analysis reports.
Also, from time to time Easy Forex organizes various deposit bonus campaigns and sometimes it is even possible to get 100% bonus on the trading account with this broker.
Easy Forex provides a powerful set of trading software, trading currencies with Easy Forex is possible via Browsers, Desktop client and mobile devices. Easy Forex makes MetaTrader 4 trading available on the go by providing the traders with the access to mobile trading via MT4 for iPhone and Windows Mobile devices. Trading via Easy Forex Web Trading platform is very comfortable and efficient, the home screen of the platform has quite a user-friendly interface that provides the overview of the most important trading items. Besides that, this software allows you to set stop losses before opening a trade and to easily switch between Forex, commodities and other trading instruments.
If you prefer trading on a larger chart with numerous indicators, then Web Trading can be very beneficial for you. Forex scalping can be extra successful with Easy-Forex one-click trading zone that allows to trade multiple currencies from one screen. There are numerous trading platforms available on the market nowadays, some of them are complete duplicates of the desktop application, others are only web based tools, however with Easy-Forex Web-trading it is possible to get an advantage of a very powerful trading platform combined with the perfect analytical resource. Except of the MT4 client, Easy-Forex provides you with its own trading platform – TradeDesk. In addition to this, TradeDesk consist chart detachment feature, drag and drop interface and even easy deal sharing functions. Easy Forex provides you with an access to fixed spreads, meaning that the spread does not change in the periods of market boost.
Easy Forex supplies an enormous amount of currencies to trade, it does not only give you an excess to trade with the most common pairs, but also allows you to trade such exotic currencies as NOK, ILS, ZAR and many others. Since Easy-Forex is a broker that mainly specializes in currencies, only three commodities are available for trading, Silver, Gold and Oil.

Trading with Easy Forex in quite an exciting process, but is also secured, became the broker is regulated by three institutions and has quite a long presence. This broker is mostly recommended to the beginners in Forex trading, due to the numerous education materials, one on one coaching and easy to use platforms. The demonstration accounts are available at no charge and the minimum deposit required for real account trading is 25 USD. Easy-Forex mainly specializes in the brokerage of the currencies and provides access to a vast amount of the pairs, while it only supplies three types of commodities.
Generally, if you are new to Forex, we strongly recommend you to sign up for a free trial with Easy-Forex, because it will not only allow you to see if Forex is right for you, but also you will be provided with an access to MT4, TradeDesk and WebTrading, so by creating one account you can check out three trading platforms.
This broker makes the money in two ways – through the spread and a fee for trades that carry over to another day.
In addition to different limits, the accounts offer different level of services, such as SMS alerts, technical analysis signals and personal dealer (not available in Mini plan), professional charting package (available in Platinum plan and up), and even custom technical analysis reports available for VIP account holders. Unlike most brokers, Easy Forex tries to make trading really easy with their simple to use and beginner friendly web-based platform.
A trading simulation is available, which works as a demo account for you to test the waters.
Simple charts are available to watch the market and you can place orders with Stop Loss and Take Profit, as well as Limit and Forward orders through a simple form.
Among other tools available in Easy Forex platform, there’s a calendar of important economic events, live quotes, Forex news and analysis reports, videos, tutorials and so on.
And finally, remember that trading Forex is risky, so before starting trading with a real account, consider and understand it and never risk what you cannot afford to lose.
Please I would like to find out if I could have a training or tutorial programme dedicated to my needs.I need to really understand the forex system.
Easy Forex is the imaginative trailblazer FX trading framework that made the industry guidelines for online outside trade cash exchanges and transactions.
Easy Forex is a resourceful Site that gives immediate access to immeasurably paramount worldwide coin markets. Established in Cyprus in 2003, Easy Forex Reviews is a standout amongst the most settled brands in the web trading industry.
Easy Forex offers four separate sorts of records relying upon the minimum store, coveted arrangement size and edge to-hazard wanted.
Easy Forex, in the same way as most forex representatives, creates incomes through the offer ask spread paid by forex traders on every transaction.
Gold – With a $500 minimum store and $50,000 minimum arrangement measure, the gold record incorporates additional characteristics on top of the mini record, for example, an individual merchant, managing room visit and managing room extraordinary offers.
VIP – With a $10,000 minimum store and a $500,000 minimum arrangement estimate, the VIP record is the most advanced bundle accessible, with extra characteristics, for example, business upgrade calls by merchants, call levels by merchants and custom specialized examination reports.
These records are qualified to exchange coinage, as well as different oil, silver and gold contracts. Concerning trading platforms, the convenience at the end of the day gets conspicuous, as Easy Forex was the first trading site to actualize a no download trading stage, that could be used on any machine with a web association. Currently, the broker operates under the regulation of CySEC, ASIC and NFA, these regulations truly make Easy Forex a reliable broker. Such issues resulted in losing FSA license, however Easy Forex still keeps a good portfolio of the regulated authorities and remains of the largest brokers.
Nevertheless, if you are excited about trading with Easy Forex, the good news are that their spreads are negotiable, thus getting in touch with Easy Forex representative may be useful. A practice accounts is designed to test Easy Forex trading conditions and software without risking your own funds and remaining four trading accounts are generally different by their minimum deposit and deal sizes, spreads and the amount of additional services.

When you refer a friend to Easy Forex, then the broker rewards your loyalty with a trading credit up to 500 USD and your friend with at most 250 USD. This trading software can be especially useful if you are using a mac computer for you trading activities or if you need to have a frequent access to your trading accounts from numerous PCs. The spreads generally vary depending on the currency pair and account type, the higher the minimum deposit requirement account you have, the better spread you would get, Easy Forex spreads starts from 3 pips.
Easy Forex customer support is generally very friendly and helpful, besides that, their e-mail response time is rather fast. Also, having a personal account manager adds an addition point for choosing Easy Forex as your broker. Trading with Easy-Forex can be done via four types of accounts and three great trading platforms.
Easy Forex founded in 2003, is well established internationally with offices all around the world; while the main head quarters of the company are based in Cyprus (part of EU). All information in this review is as per the official Easy Forex website on the day this article is published.
The information consists of three indicators – popularity, direction and structure for your selected currency pair. Easy Forex is a trusted and a very user-friendly broker, the platform is as simple as it gets and if you want to start trading Forex right now, you can do that by opening an account within minutes with no tedious paperwork or waiting. Established in the year 2003, Easy Forex is a Site that was formed by an assorted assembly of industry experts from the trading, managing an account, and Web promoting divisions. Not at all like numerous different platforms, the organization offers traders the capacity to exchange promptly without downloading programming or finishing structures. The establishing parts of the site, a gathering of investors and trading masters had set an objective to make a trading site that was easy to use for both apprentices and expert traders. Inasmuch as most trading sites have a colossal measure of data, detail and investigations, which truly just serves to confuse guests at the outset, Easy Forex Reviews has decided to make an exceptionally essential and basic beginning page. This Forex financier firm is additionally a part of the prestigious items watchdog association, The National Fates Acquaintanceship.
Since traders purchase at the ask value and offer at the offer value, the forex representative benefits from the distinction between the two. The minimum deposit for a Gold Accounts starts at 500 USD and the minimum size of a deal is 50,000 USD. Since the begin something like 10 years prior, Easy Forex Reviews has kept on developing the site into one of the chief worldwide trading platforms, with business settings far and wide. This, on the other hand, does not imply that you won’t have the capacity to discover particular data you could be searching for, as it might be effectively found in different areas of the site using the cunningly laid out route bar. As of now, there are over 21 profoundly regarded worldwide keeping money organizations giving monetary sponsorship to the online Easy Forex programs. Easy Forex additionally backs the prominent Mt4 Stage, which needs to be downloaded, however is an amazingly adaptable device for propelled traders. All in all, Easy Forex does a great job to assist you trading with no disturbance and having your doubts sorted out. Forex traders ought to additionally be mindful that Easy Forex Reviews is situated in Cyprus and shut down its U.S operations in August 2010. Easy Forex does not just offer money trading, it additionally upholds the exchange of wares, for example, Gold, Silver and Oil, and in addition stocks and records.

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