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After the capture of Saddam Hussein, investment opportunities in the Dinar were made apparent. Since that dramatic increase, the exchange rate has held steady at roughly 1IQD = $0.00067USD. The funny thing about this Middle Eastern capital’s hustle and bustle is how much of the movement is dominated by cars with Iraqi license plates. Nevertheless, you may have heard or seen some recent hype surrounding Iraq’s currency, the dinar.
Well, to paraphrase an old American saying, if you’ll buy the dinar, I’ve got a bridge in Baghdad to sell you! Those heavy spenders are in fact shelling out big money to grab your attention on Google and other search engines as you check to see what’s up with Iraq.
They want to catch you at the door of the digital library before you read too much, because there’s a sad truth that undermines Iraq’s growth prospects.
More than half a million Iraqis sought refuge in Jordan since 2003, and over twice that number fled to Syria.

Iraqi petroleum output, essentially dormant because of danger these many years, is set to rise to 2.6 million barrels a day in 2012.
Foreign exchange opportunists will gladly give you dinars for dollars… and some of them are so willing to do this deal, they’ll trade it to you in person.
But buying dinars really can be thought of as buying stock in Iraq, and Iraq’s a “company” with unstable leadership, no clear economic policy and plenty of rubble to deal with.
The State of Washington, among other responsible parties, is sick of folks getting burned on the dinar and other foreign exchange scams.
Buyers of these dinars don’t know what they’re getting, even when the dealer has an easy-to-obtain U.S.
Foreign exchange means “exchange” in two ways: First, you’re exchanging one currency for another in hopes that the one you buy will appreciate in value against the one you sell. Link to this page - if you would like to link to US Dollar(USD) To Iraqi Dinar(IQD) Currency Exchange. Link to this page - if you would like to link to Canadian Dollar(CAD) To Iraqi Dinar(IQD) Currency Exchange.

The dinar has been steadily appreciating over the last few months and the rate as of Jan 16th, 2008 is 1IQD = $0.00083USD). Some heavy spenders are bullish on the dinar, considering it a bet on a young democracy with a major natural resource bounty. Granted, the downward movement here shows that the dinar is gaining strength against the dollar. You can trade some euros at the local bank for dollars when you come back from a nice trip, but you can’t do the same in dinars. Below shows the current exchange rate of the currency pairs updated every 5 minutes and their exchange rates history graph.
They’re also pieces of the economy that’s supposed to profit enough to make the Iraqi dinar a good investment.

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