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Use our touchstone foreign exchange rates from a variety of tools Get the daily exchange rates used in our currency converter, for all active currencies. There are different types of exchange rates between various types of currencies, like indirect quotation and direct quotation through bank selling rate, bank buying rate and average rate. The exchange rate can use for the functions like; valuation, conversion, currency translation.
Strong Currency Converter is a very powerful program that allows you to perform conversions of up to 158 different currencies, meticulously updated in real time, taking the conversion rates from the most authoritative sources on the internet.
Reliable forex rates for over 180 currencies, trusted by corporations, financial institutions, and travelers.

Localize prices for your website, or tie rate data into your business applications with our APIs. I trust Oanda with my money, and that's a big thing to say knowing the current financial situation.
There are standard quotations to calculate exchange rates such as direct and indirect quotation.
Usually exchange rate configuration is required, when the company is having business transactions in various currencies. We can also maintain our own currency pair for the calculation using transaction code ONOT.

Those with demanding needs will like the convenient copy and paste buttons, which are useful for transferring for common tasks, such as transferring values into text or calculations, with Office or Excel.This software is suitable to who manages cash flows, for the trader who needs to know the latest exchange rates and for all those who need to convert currencies easily and fast.
Exchange rate is a way to calculate the differences between local currency and transaction currency.

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