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ICE International Currency Exchange is one of the largest and most respected retail currency exchange brands in the world, with an impressive 40 year history. Whether at one of our major USA airport locations such as Miami International Airport or at Los Angeles locations, you will always find knowledgeable staff, outstanding service and competitive rates. There is nothing like coming home from a great trip abroad thinking you had been really savvy about sticking to your budget only to be hit with unexpected currency-exchange fees on your bank statement and credit card bill.
Almost every overseas traveler needs to exchange currency at some point during his or her trip. The currency study found that, on average, the cheapest cards for converting currency when you buy in euros and pay your bills in dollars are on the Visa and MasterCard networks. Stan McGahey, an international tourism professor at Saint Leo University in Florida, while talking to Fox Business warned travelers not to be tempted to exchange currency in the U.S.
To check out whether you are getting a good deal on exchanging currency, download a free app such as GlobeConvert or XE Currency to your smartphone before you embark on your journey, After typing in the amount you want to convert, it will give you a good rate in the new currency. Another reason it is best to use a no-transaction-fee credit card and use currency only as a backup is because your credit card will offer fraud protection.
Harzog added that one thing you definitely want to avoid while using your credit card overseas is dynamic currency conversion.

When you travel to countries that use a different currency system, you will be constantly faced with the issue of exchanging money.
Banks & ATMsBanks usually provide the best exchange rates; most don't take commissions, and if they do, those fees are very small compared to other sources. Debit Cards & Credit CardsThe easiest way to exchange your currency for foreign currency is to use your credit and debit cards for purchases whenever possible.
Exchange CountersThe most obvious place to exchange money while traveling is at an exchange office.
Places to AvoidAt land border crossings, particularly in developing countries, exchange money sparingly. From our first USA location on Los Angeles International Airport more than 40 years ago to our 150th branch, we are proud of our American history and growth. The ones it listed that waive exchange fees include Capital One, Northern Trust, Bank of America, Key Bank, TD Bank, Chase and PNC.
In this article we explore the impact of currency converisons on consumers, comanies, and countries.
In general, it is almost always better to exchange money in the country you are traveling in for the best rates.

To exchange money at a bank, simply go into a branch with your local currency or bring along a traveler's checks or your credit card.
In areas that see a good deal of tourism, exchange places are usually easy to find; all major airports will have at least one currency-exchange desk. Scam artists will take advantage of the disorientation you experience after a long journey and a chaotic crossing to give you ridiculously bad exchange rates. Before you go, research the current exchange rate so you are prepared to evaluate the deals offered at different locations.
Note that your credit card company may charge a fee for a cash withdrawal.ATMs associated with bank branches will give you the same rate of exchange you'll find inside the bank, and will dispense cash in local currency.
No matter where you exchange money, do so as few times as possible to avoid having service fees pile up. You might fare okay at a major department store that is used to accepting foreign currencies and traveler's checks, but always know what the standard rate is beforehand and be sure to ask the cashier what the store is offering before he makes the exchange.

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