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Holidaymakers are at the mercy of a currency postcode lottery with big name travel money suppliers offering different exchange rates based on location.The consumer group found 'significant' variations in the amount of euros it was offered for a ?500 exchange between branches of the same provider across ten locations in the UK on a single day in March. Depending on where you travel, currency exchange rates can either help you get great bargains or make your trip surprisingly expensive. At the Post Office - the country's biggest currency provider - Its researchers were offered a best deal of €578.50 in London and Glasgow, and a lowest rate of €565 in Birmingham, Haverfordwest and Sheffield. No matter how strong your home currency is relative to the local currency, however, you want to make sure you're getting the best exchange rate possible whenever you need to get cash or make a purchase. You don't want to carry a ton of cash with you (see step 5), but you also should try to have enough cash so that you don't get stuck having to make a currency exchange at high rates.
They are convenient, and sometimes (especially in an emergency after banking hours) indispensable, but they frequently charge very high prices in return for the convenience.

Converting from one currency to another can be confusing, and if you're dealing with large sums or if you're traveling in a country with high inflation, a calculator is a valuable addition to your daypack. By doing so, you get the same exchange rates that the banks offer to each other, with no middleman adding extra fees for the exchange. If you do so, make sure you know the current exchange rate, and take the time to do the math before making a purchase. Many countries require licensing for currency exchangers; look for certificates or government stamps of approval (and know what they should look like). Mr Lloyd added: ‘While we understand that local competition may play a part in the rates set, it is unfair that people are missing out on the best currency exchange rates just because of where they live.
Some banks and credit card companies, however, will charge you a fee of as much as 3 percent on foreign transactions, so you need to do some research before you leave home.

When you do use an ATM, be sure to check how much it will charge you--some foreign ATMs charge $5 or more. You've got to watch out for these tricks and find out in advance the net amount you will receive from an exchange. Topping the debit card list was Metro Bank, costing ?416 in total, but as the bank is based in London and you need to open an account in branch, it is not very good for those living outside the capital. Halifax’s Clarity MasterCard was the best widely available credit card, costing ?419 in total, while several well-known names proved to be some of the worst choices for overseas spending. free password
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