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I recently read an internet article that stated that decks can be built for around $12 per square foot.
Below is what it cost to build a deck in Milwaukee, WI area.  These prices include both deck labor cost and deck material cost. Think of the cost per square foot of a deck as the base price.  There are many factors and deck upgrade options that can make the price go up from here. Water and debris that collect behind the fascia board can eventually cause it to pull away from the deck. On this deck, debris trapped behind a flush fascia held moisture, which led to rot in the decking and trim. Where picture-frame decking runs parallel to the framing, blocking between joists provides support.
To support the fascia, blocking made from pairs of offcut 2x4s is installed approximately every 2 feet, and as needed to accommodate the shape of the deck. Occasionally, the deck design or framing configuration requires the addition of horizontal blocking at the perimeter.

Suddenly you know less than when you began!  Trying to hire the best deck contractor is no easy task. In this case, the picture-frame decking border must extend far enough to cover the additional thickness.
I got a good laugh and felt that I should give my audience a more accurate breakdown of deck cost.
When prospective clients see this detail on their neighbor's deck, all over my website, and (hopefully) throughout the Michigan communities where I build, they know who built the deck.Layering the fascia offers a couple of advantages.
It adds depth and gives an effect like crown molding to the deck rim, a big visual upgrade over standard single fascia.
Also, it extends below the joists and beam, hiding all the framing material except for the support posts, whereas a single fascia board covers only the joists and leaves the beam exposed.Preventing RotThe key to a long-lasting fascia on a deck is to keep water out of the gap between the fascia and the framing. The best way to do this is to install a picture-frame border around the entire deck.I cannot emphasis this point enough.
When I see decks that were built without such a border, I usually find a significant amount of rot.

Typically in those cases, the deck boards were cut flush with the joists, and the decking ends and the rim joist were then capped with fascia.
We fasten this longer leg with screws to the back of the outer joist so that the shorter leg butts the bottom of the joist and is flush with the face.Sometimes, the shape of the deck or the configuration of the framing makes it necessary to install an extra layer of horizontal blocking.
When this happens, we increase the width of the picture-framed decking border to cover the additional thickness. Site-fabricated 2x4 blocking supports the lower band of fascia; a picture-frame decking border covers the gap created behind the top two courses of trim.

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