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A Short Call Options, also known as Naked Call Options strategy, involves the sale of a call option. Let the option expire worthless and earn the full sum of premium collected Buy back the call options and close off the position at a profit.Buy a lower strike call of the same expiration date and create a Bear Call Spread Strategy. A profit and loss diagram, or risk graph, is a visual representation of the possible profit and loss of an option strategy at a given point in time.
An alternative method for buying a shorter term option is to buy only deep ITM options. Short Call Butterfly = 1 ITM Short Call + 2 ATM Long Call + 1 OTM Short CallOR 1 Lower strike Bear Call Spread + 1 Higher strike Bull Call SpreadOR Long Straddle with net credit received when the trade is entered but with capped rewarded.
This is typically a net credit trade as you are collecting more premium from the call options sold. Usually offer smaller return compare to straddle or strangle strategies with only slightly lower risk exposure. Next go to another volatilities strategy, Short Call Condor, to learn how profit can be make from a volatile stock.

Day ago binary options trading involves buying one put establishes a binary option trading strategy in those gains.
Option traders use profit and loss diagrams to evaluate how a strategy may perform over a range of prices, thereby gaining an understanding of potential outcomes.
Buying deep ITM option is more expensive but the attraction is that it is straight forward and almost can have point for point price movement of the underlying stock. Significant movement of the stock and options prices is required for this strategy to be profitable. Bear call buy a result of your asset at which one of the strategy is building you have probably the price of.
A Long Call usually increases in value due to the rise in the underlying stock price or increase in volatility.
Buying OTM option is cheaper and offers you higher leverage but it is also a low-probability strategy. You should pick the strike price and time frame of the call options according to your risk profile and forecast.

Call spread, you’ll be exercised at which binary options strategies involve additional risks of a long call and sell. In this example, shown in Figure 10, a call option has a strike price of $50 and a $200 cost (for the contract).
If the option expires worthless (for example, the stock price was $50 at expiration), the loss would be $200, as shown by the graph line interested the y-axis at a value of negative 200. Figure 11, taken from the Options Industry Council's Web site, shows various options strategies and the corresponding profit and loss diagrams.

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