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One method many investors have found success in is identifying and investing in companies that offer both strong growth and high value and then holding on to the stock for the long term, which can vary from three to ten years, assuming the companies’ fundamentals and performance remains the same.
A company whose earnings are growing faster than its competitors should also have a stock whose price should grow faster too. Well managed companies generally take a significant share of their earnings and reinvest them back into their business to fuel the company’s growth. Investors usually are willing to pay more to own shares of a company whose earnings will out-pace its competition. Example: If a stock is selling for $40 and pays $2 a year in profits its dividend yield is 5%. If the ROE is up and down, or just plain down, the company might have a problem with debt or profit margins. Everyone always wants to buy stocks, or any securities such as Mutual Funds; or Bonds, at their lowest point and sell at its highest point. Potential commission savings: The fees charged by direct investment programs can be lower than what some brokers charge.

Not free for all transactions: Some companies even charge commissions that exceed what deep discount brokerages charge for certain services.
Setup fees: Although opening a brokerage account is usually free, some direct investment plans charge a fee to get started. Administrative hassles: With direct investment plans, you need to manage all your separate accounts, which could be a pain if you have ten or more investments. You can buy mutual funds with no transaction fee if you deal directly with the mutual fund company.
At least now, stock market traders should know‘how to buy stock without a broker’ to save money on brokerage, and the most popular option which most of the primary stock market traders know is investing directly in a company by purchasing their stock when the company opens the stock in the primary market through the company’s direct stock purchase option whereby after a minimum deposit is made, the stock of the company shall automatically get credited to the stock account maintained with a bank. Certain companies offer a dividend reinvestment plan where you can find cash investment options and the company’s stock plan administrator shall help you to purchase the stock for a small amount over each share.
P&G, for instance, has an elaborate Shareholder Investment Program that lets you buy as little as $250 in stock and will even reinvest the dividends.
If you’re with a broker, you would often need to incur a commission to reinvest a dividend into the company stock.

Be sure to check the company’s Web site, usually in a document called a direct stock plan prospectus, and understand all the fees that are charged.
Some of the leading companies offer direct purchase of single share by enrolling as a member in the company. Many direct investment programs are connected with dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs), where the companies let you use dividend payments to buy, or reinvest, additional shares. After you figure out what fund you want to buy, log on to the mutual fund company’s Web site, open an account, and buy it. There’s nothing that says you need to have a broker to buy and sell stocks or mutual funds.

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