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If you are looking to buy stocks before or after split news, you should keep the following search strategies in mind. Now that you have isolated a fat list of stocks that are trading their annual high points, you have to filter them based on whether they have split in the past.
Another filter you should apply to your fast-shrinking list of stocks is whether the companies are dominant market leaders or outright number-one players in their respective markets. The final filter you should use when looking to buy stocks before or after split announcements is whether the companies are growing into or branching out into other industries.
TheStreet Ratings projects a stock's total return potential over a 12-month period including both price appreciation and dividends.
When you're done, be sure to read about which volatile aerospace and defense stocks to buy now.
Apple’s unorthodox 7-for-1 stock split, announced at the end of April, has finally arrived.
In a stock split, a company increases the number of shares outstanding while lowering the price accordingly. Splits don’t change anything fundamentally about a company or its valuation, but they tend to make a company’s stock more attractive to mom-and-pop investors.
A poll conducted by our colleagues at MarketWatch found 50% of respondents said they would buy Apple shares after the split. Content engaging our readers now, with additional prominence accorded if the story is rapidly gaining attention.
Let's say stock A is trading at $40 and has 10 million shares issued, which gives it a market capitalization of $400 million ($40 x 10 million shares). It is also possible to have a reverse stock split: a 1-for-10 means that for every ten shares you own, you get one share. Another reason, and arguably a more logical one, for splitting a stock is to increase a stock's liquidity, which increases with the stock's number of outstanding shares. Advantages for Investors There are plenty of arguments over whether a stock split is an advantage or disadvantage to investors.
Factoring in CommissionsHistorically, buying before the split was a good strategy due to commissions weighted by the number of shares you bought. The Bottom LineRemember that stock splits have no effect on the worth (as measured by market capitalization) of the company. Find out how much you would have made if you had invested $1,000 during Amazon's IPO, including how the power of the stock split affects investment growth.
You can't predict exactly how stocks will behave, but knowing what affects prices will put you ahead of the pack. The stock price of the companies you’re thinking of taking a position in must be priced high. This information might be that easy to get but it is definitely worth chasing down because it helps you identify and buy stocks before or after split announcements.
Apple (AAPL) split its stock a year ago, and has been up more than 35% since the split. Based on 32 major data points, TheStreet Ratings uses a quantitative approach to rating over 4,300 stocks to predict return potential for the next year. Buying a Russell 2000 stock that TheStreet Ratings rated a buy yielded a 9.5% return in 2014, beating the Russell 2000 index, including dividends reinvested, by 460 basis points last year.
The stock started trading on a split-adjusted basis Monday morning, and recently rose 1% to $93.14.

Apple shares rallied 23% from late April, when the company announced the split in conjunction with a strong quarterly report, through Friday. Investors who owned Apple shares as of June 2 qualify for the stock split, meaning they get six additional shares for every share held. Those stocks have averaged a 0.2% gain the day they started trading on a split-adjusted basis, according to New York research firm Strategas Research Partners. A stock split is a corporate action that increases the number of the corporation's outstanding shares by dividing each share, which in turn diminishes its price. An easy way to determine the new stock price is to divide the previous stock price by the split ratio. Below we illustrate exactly what happens with the most popular splits in regards to number of shares, share price and market cap of the company splitting its shares. As the price of a stock gets higher and higher, some investors may feel the price is too high for them to buy, or small investors may feel it is unaffordable. If you ask a finance professor, he or she will likely tell you that splits are totally irrelevant - yet companies still do it. One side says a stock split is a good buying indicator, signaling the company's share price is increasing and therefore doing very well.
When looking to buy stocks before or after split announcements, you need to increase your chances of getting into stocks that have a high likelihood of actually splitting. When trying to make money and buy stocks before or after split announcements, you should keep in mind that you can make money either way. That is different from indexes such as the S&P 500, which are weighted by market caps (each company’s stock price multiplied by shares outstanding). It previously conducted 2-for-1 splits on three separate occasions: February 2005, June 2000 and June 1987. This might sound like a pointless question, but the action of a stock split puts you in a similar position. The stock's market capitalization, however, remains the same, just like the value of the $100 bill does not change if it is exchanged for two $50s.
Splits are a good demonstration of how the actions of companies and the behaviors of investors do not always fall in line with financial theory. This may be true, but on the other hand, a stock split simply has no effect on the fundamental value of the stock and therefore poses no real advantage to investors. While there are some psychological reasons why companies will split their stock, it doesn't change any of the business fundamentals.
Still, in the end, it doesn’t really matter if you buy stocks before or after split news. To wisely buy stocks before or after split, you need to focus on companies whose stock prices are so high that it is worth splitting the stock price.
Companies that have never split their stock prices are ideal candidates for monitoring for potential stock split news. For this piece of information, you might want to read the annual reports of the stocks you have left on your filter list. The best way to make money trying to buy stocks before or after split news is when you buy before the split and buy right through the split. Since 2010, these stocks have averaged a 5.4% increase three months after a split and a 28% surge one year later, Strategas says.

In this article we will explore what a stock split is, why it's done and what it means to the investor. For example, with a 2-for-1 stock split, each stockholder receives an additional share for each share held, but the value of each share is reduced by half: two shares now equal the original value of one share before the split. They now have two shares for each one previously held, but the price of the stock is cut by 50%, from $40 to $20. Despite this fact, investment newsletters have taken note of the often positive sentiment surrounding a stock split. Some online brokers have a limit of 2,000 or 5,000 shares for a flat rate, however most investors don't buy that many shares at once. When a stock splits, you get more stock than you originally started with and the total value of your stock actually increases.
The market will impose a premium on the split stock and the stock is sure to get a healthy lift.
Notice that the market capitalization stays the same - it has doubled the amount of stocks outstanding to 20 million while simultaneously reducing the stock price by 50% to $20 for a capitalization of $400 million.
The actual value of the stock doesn't change one bit, but the lower stock price may affect the way the stock is perceived and therefore entice new investors.
There are entire publications devoted to tracking stocks that split and attempting to profit from the bullish nature of the splits.
In many cases, you can make money regardless of whether you buy stocks before or after split announcements.
However, you shouldn’t kiss your chances of trying to buy stocks before or after split announcement when this happens. You lock in profits when you buy before the stock split announcement and you continue to benefit when you buy after the split announcement and the company’s stock continues to soar due to its profitability, market dominance, and other factors. Splitting the stock also gives existing shareholders the feeling that they suddenly have more shares than they did before, and of course, if the prices rises, they have more stock to trade. Here are just some signs to look for in companies that might be announcing a stock split in the very near future. Many companies also split their stock to make their stock price even more attractive to investors. That’s right-you might be late to the game and buy into the stock at an appreciated or elevated price. Focus on that rare group of winners that allow you to make money when you buy stocks before or after split news. Keep in mind that no less than corporate giant Microsoft went through several stock splits since the 1980s and all those stock splits didn’t reduce the overall appeal of Microsoft. Weaker companies can help you make money before stock splits but it takes a particularly rare company to allow you to make money when you buy stocks before or after split news. Make no mistake about it-stock splits benefit both the company splitting its stock and its shareholders.
If you applied all the filters above, even if you buy a stock after the split announcement, you can still make money.

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