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We are always making new real estate website designs with the features our clients are looking for.
Our design team will build you a Professional Custom website to showcase your brokerage and agents. The AccelerAgent Enterprise Solution includes a Custom Office website and Branded Lite Sites for every agent in your brokerage.
You will be able to upload and store all of your office documents and make them accessible to your entire brokerage. As soon as a lead is captured by your Office Website, the next available agent will be automatically notified of the lead.

Gain access to the powerful Redman Multi-Agent functionality and utilize our pre-packaged brokerage branding to get your brokerage website up and running quickly.
Each agent will be able to chat internally through each AccelerAgent website about their listings and open houses right from their smartphone.
You want to grow — you need to grow — and we can help create a website that brings in qualified REALTORS®.
We have both multi-agent style office websites and single-management concepts, with different types of access and control. You need an office website with multi-agent functionality and a custom look that’s tightly integrated with your existing identity and marketing.

Redman Custom Office lets you create an entire experience from beginning to end, and takes your brokerage to the next level.

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