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Junius 1-jetol Kostevc Peter elnok-vezerigazgato iranyitasaval, egysegesen QUANTIS neven folytatja tevekenyseget a Brokernet, Magyarorszag vezeto penzugyi kozvetito vallalatcsoportja. A kulonbozo penzugyi uzletagakban eddig Brokernet, QUANTIS, Palladium, Platea es Bankbroker neven jelenlevo cegcsoport markaegyesitese hangsulyozottabba teszi a liechtensteini LGT Csoporttal fennallo kapcsolatat is. A Brokernet Csoportot az atalakitason vezerigazgatokent atvezeto jogasz a kozlemeny szerint elmondta: a 2013. Creating a car that takes seven years to design and build is expensive and the Hungarian financial firm Brokernet is the main sponsor, thus they wanted some naming rights as well.This car is not only stunningly designed by Zoltan Peredy, but also downright ferocious on the track.

Bodis plans to use this car in various GT races throughout the world and plans to show everyone that Hungary is capable of producing a world class car.More details on the Brokernet Silver Sting after the jump. Can strike out for over 16 months and our up or brokernet digital options signals practice and hedging, volatility. A megujult szervezet iranyitasat a Brokernet alapitoja es tobbsegi tulajdonosa Kostevc Peter veszi at – a QUANTIS Holding Zrt.
A kozvetlenul a hercegi haz iranyitasa alatt allo LGT bankcsoport 30 szazalekos tulajdonresszel rendelkezik a Brokernet Csoport vezeto cegenek szamito QUANTIS Investment Management Zrt.-ben.

You can now say that a very special sports car is made in Hungary and that it’s pretty darn good looking as well.The Brokernet Silver Sting was thought of and built by international GT racer, Kalman Bodis.
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