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Ever since the practice of being a real estate agent has been regulated by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) through a licensure exam, a lot interested applicants have been trying to check on how to choose the best review centers in the country where they can enroll to. Aside from the real estate broker’s exam, the PRC will also require separate licensure exams for real estate appraisers and real estate consultants. Some interested applicants would normally ask if they can just study on their own while reviewing for the exam. There are a number of accredited real estate broker examination training centers in the Philippines but to get the most out of you time and money, you may want to consider the proximity of their location to your home. Venue: The Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines – Las Pinas, Muntinlupa, Paranaque Chapter (REBAP-LMP) conducts a Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar and Training (CREST) from time to time at the Tia Maria Building (near Starmall) CV Starr Ave. PREVAIL conducts training seminars for aspiring real estate brokers in Best Western Hotel la Corona Manila located at 1166 M.H. PAREB Davao holds their training and review seminars in Davao Doctors College 6th Floor HMPC Building beside St.
NetScore Resource and Training Center provides for real estate brokerage exam seminars in various hotels in Makati. CDO Realty holds seminars for the real estate brokerage exam in various parts of Cagayan de Oro City.

Now that you have a list of real estate broker examination training centers, check on other factors to know which institution would suit your needs such as competency of the lecturers or whether the classroom is conducive to learning. If you are a real estate practitioner and you want to expand your market reach, get more clients and have more inquiries, be our partner brokercr now by signing up to our program!
In addition, there has been news that the real estate brokers exam for this year will be the last which will not require a degree in real estate. For those who wish to specialize on appraisal of property and real estate consultancy, they may take these separate exams after passing the broker’s exam and practicing the profession for a certain number of years. Unfortunately, this is not possible since an indispensable requirement for those who will be taking the exam is to complete at least one hundred twenty (120) units of real estate subjects through verified and accredited training centers. Aside from this, you may check their respective track records in producing a high percentage of passers over the years or the quality of their reviewers and manuals. Aside from exceptionally good training, experience and extensive reading materials, you must have dedication and focus in order to pass and excel the real estate broker exam.
Real estate brokers now have professional licenses, similar to Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s), engineers, and doctors (among others).
Cruz’s review seminars (and of course, we passed), so we are more than happy to let all of you know of his seminar schedules.

Kristine, GCR Real Estate and Review Center will be conducting a Comprehensive Review for the 2014 Real Estate Brokers’ Exam on weekends from September 7, 2013 to October 6, 2013, from 8am to 9pm. Pre-registration shall continue online and at the Business Center of Makati Palace Hotel on Oct.
So far I have not encountered any announcements for review classes for the next appraisers exam. BE A LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER!FAST FACTS in 2013 Out of 83 examinees, 66 passed the 2013 Real Estate Brokers’ Licensure Examination.
They said that after completing their ONLINE review, we need another 24hrs face-to-face review to any accredited Review Centers to get the Certificate of Attendance to comply with PRC requirement.

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