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Give IFS a chance to prove what the REO team can do, and we are certain that Scott Olson and the Innovative Foreclosure Services Team will be your REO Broker of Choice. The estimated market price of a property as determined by a real estate broker or other qualified individual or firm. The lenders and companies that hire real estate brokers to do BPOs, or Broker Price Opinions, have very specific requirements. An effective commercial real estate broker is your most essential asset for obtaining the highest possible price in this type of transaction because they have access to multiple developers who buy properties like your own.
Consider whether your mall has other value-added features that attract shoppers like bicycle racks, benches, and clean and adequate public restrooms.
Applying these eight principles of managing your retail property will both enhance and maintain your investment to realize its highest and best value.
A: Parts 1 and 2 of this four-part response outlining the methods of valuing commercial real estate examined the Direct Comparison method and the Cost Approach in order to create an Opinion of Value.
The Income Approach employs capitalization wherein the net income of a property is capitalized into a specific value. A:  Part 1 of this four-part response outlining the methods of valuing commercial real estate examined the Direct Comparison method in order to create an Opinion of Value.
Depreciation can be defined as the loss in value, or diminished utility, due to any physical cause. Obsolescence can occur from both internal and external factors, thereby diminishing a properties desirability or utility, and so its value. Depreciation is determined through careful cost and use analyses, and then subtracted from the estimated site value to arrive at an informed Opinion of Value using the Cost Approach. A: Opinions of Value are the informed market estimates produced by realtors that value property. Direct Comparison is a standard method of estimating property value in which the subject property is compared with similar properties in geographically equal locations that have recently sold.
Some tasks of an internal BPO are individual room measurement, overall square footage measurement, inspection of interior features’ conditions, more thorough value adjustments in comparables, individual photos of interior damage, repair estimates and room count. The land value of your property becomes maximized by its potential for a much higher density. This method converts future income from a property into present value by discounting the income from each year with a suitable discount rate. The principle being that surplus income, after subtracting costs such as labour, and capital outlay, is then attributed to the land, thus setting its value through this capitalization process. First, we’ll examine the direct capitalization technique used to determine property value, followed by the conclusion to our Opinions of Value series, examining yield capitalization.
This is partly due to the network of local affiliates the bank can call to get more than one opinion of repairs needed or value of the subject property. That benefit is considered valuable enough to offset the on-going costs of maintaining the corporation’s due diligence through record-keeping and government filings. Otherwise, their property risks falling into obsolescence, eventually losing more in value than might have been gained through upgrades.
Public postings allow information to travel faster than ever before, but the old-fashioned ways of networking are just as valued today. Enliven your property’s appeal with buskers such as a magician, balloon twisting clown, a wandering minstrel, or a chalk artist, for example.
Since the conclusion is only as good as the data; several sources must be drawn into the analysis, which may include brokerage files, land title office records, mortgage brokers, and sales records obtained from the Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service®, as well as other industry publications. The lender may very well accept $53,300 based on their perception of the value of the property (their asset). Often, a small investment of time and money can increase your property’s value by more than the sum of those parts. As a general rule, the age of the structure being valued determines the adequacy of the method. When these two conditions are not met, other methods may also be employed to create a valid estimate.

A BPO is short for a Broker Price Opinion, which is a report prepared by a real estate broker that gives their opinion of the current market value for a particular property. Repair List – If obvious repairs are needed, like a new roof, those are incorporated with adjustments to the property value.
Value Estimate – Based on the recent sales of comparable properties, the broker will provide an estimate of what the property will sell for during a typical 90-120 marketing timeframe.
The debate between BPOs and appraisals is a valid one, but the current market economics pretty much dictate that BPOs are a preferred method for banks to value their loan assets. It can be argued the ARV is more of a guess or suggested value derived by using sold comparables from houses that were NOT sold by a Realtor. There are two major categories of Broker Price Opinion s, the Exterior BPO and the Internal BPO. While not specifically defined under the Income Tax Act, partnerships are nonetheless assessed for validity under common law. Your real estate broker may also consider forming a joint venture with neighbouring properties in order to further entice developers.
Consider a mural or other attractive feature that will elevate both your property’s visibility and its value while enriching the community.
Yield Capitalization reflects the value of a projected income stream assessed from discounted cash flows.
From the data in this example, we can determine a property’s net operating income and then divide that by its fair market value in order to assign a Cap Rate. Typical differences necessitating adjustments in using the Direct Comparison approach are any that have an impact on value, such as location, age of structure, income and expenses, time adjustments for market conditions, as well as added features, like escalators, recreation centres, and parking structures.
A real estate broker will be asked to offer an opinion regarding the real estate market price. Despite its obvious value in today’s marketplace, the personal touch always rules the day. Cap rates are assessed by calculating a property’s true net operating income (NOI) and dividing by the its fair market value. In accounting for structural and land improvements, for instance, four criteria must be met to assign the cost (or more) of an improvement as its value. Dollar adjustments are also made to account for all significant differences between property features, thus assimilating each property’s values to the subject one. The Cost Approach is usually not a major consideration in valuing income producing properties. Direct Comparison and Direct Capitalization for properties of a value up to five million dollars is generally sufficient.
The quality and time of the inquiry into the comparable property’s prices make the BPO a value to the client. In this market downturn, the BPO has become an important tool that banks use to determine an estimated value for properties that are being foreclosed, properties that are in a short sale or properties that are candidates for a loan modification or mortgage refinance.
Brokers need to visit the property in person and take photos of the home and neighborhood, paying special attention to any obvious defects on the outside. There is considerable debate in the industry between brokers and appraisers about the qualifications and education level of real estate brokers compared to appraisers.
The BPO (Broker Price Opinion) is perhaps the single greatest value factor the lender will use to determine the acceptance of your short sale offer. In most states, only a licensed appraiser is authorized to offer a professional opinion as to the value of a property. Social media managers now play a pivotal role in public opinion for companies large and small.
Based on this, you might consider offering 60% of the ARV or FMV value for your initial purchase offer.
The scope of each BPO is set by the person or entity hiring the BPO professional to perform the Broker Price Opinions document. While factors like routine property maintenance are key to obtaining a good sale price, when considering the ultimate value of any property, the principle of highest and best use can enable commercial property owners to realize the highest possible return on their investment.

Next week, we conclude our four-part Opinions of Value series by examining Yield Capitalization. Typically, the number-crunching that creates the calculations are objective, whereas site valuation, which is also a crucial step, is based on the more subjective data that is comparative analysis. Using the $100,000 example, you might start out your offer submitting 60% x 100,000 (FMV) = $60,000… The $60,000 is actually 70% of the BPO Price. Single year income and expense statements provide the basis for estimates forming Opinions of Value based on Direct Capitalization, whereas cash flow forecasts of several years are utilized in Yield Capitalization. Whatever you do in this regard, just keep real value in mind for your tenants, and don’t forget to tweet all about it!
There are a variety of Automated Valuation Models (AVM) that banks can use for a rough estimate of property values, but real estate is highly localized, and there is no substitute for an in-person, local analysis of a property and its neighborhood. It is a little challenging to determine an exact value without seeing the interior, but you have to estimate what it might be like based on the exterior appearance and any historical data and photos that can be found. But if an interior BPO is ordered, you may know that the broker is going to visit the home.
Appraisers do have more formal training than brokers when it comes to property valuation, and in theory should be better equipped to provide accurate property value estimates. BPO is a generalized opinion or value of a property the lender uses to determine what the short sale property is worth on paper. A: In commercial real estate, market conditions, location, existing leases, and maintenance all combine to determine immediate value. The BPO (value opinion also considered the PERCEIVED value of the property) to the lender is the MAIN FACTOR. Any company debt remains the liability of the corporation and shareholder liability is limited to the value of shares held. Therefore in this example if you thought the BPO was going to come in around $65,000 … You would take 82% of THAT number, which would be $53,300.
This method is a logical, proven analysis of replacement costs that takes into account both value and depreciation. Multi-tenanted properties with values in the five-to-10-million dollar range are best served with the combination of Direct Comparison and the pro forma modeling of the Income Approach.
BPO reports usually include adjustments, which are amounts that a broker estimates a buyer would apply when making an offer. Applying pressure or trying to influence the final value of the BPO is a big no-no, but if there are important facts or hidden details about a home that will influence its potential value, educating the broker about these can be appropriate during their interior inspection. Speaking from practical experience, however, there are good and bad appraisers, and a knowledgeable broker may be equally skilled in preparing an estimated value. Here are some classifications and examples to make it easier to determine how much of a loss the lender may agree to accept. A property’s highest and best use is that which would generate the highest income and value for a property. Among his core values are authenticity, creativity, big honkin' value, general fun-ness and being unshaven. Each refers to the technique of subtracting the value of structures and any tangible improvements from the total value of the property in order to determine land value. Newer structures can be more accurately estimated using reproduction costs, whereas older structures must rely more on replacement costs in order to determine current market value. For example with FHA loans, the insurer will basically guarantee the lender 82% of an FHA Certified Appraisal amount. In my opinion (and experience) the second lienholder is not in much of a negotiating position.

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