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Financial Planning released its annual list of the largest independent broker-dealers in June. Dealmaking has been ongoing in the brokerage industry, but it really got rolling last year. He predicts we'll see over 50 deals of all sizes in the IBD space in 2012, and he expects 10 of the top 30 firms to sell.
With competitive payouts to brokers at about 90 percent or more of revenues, there's a pretty narrow wedge for profit.

Track the latest teams of advisers and brokers changing firms and view recruiting activity at wirehouses, regional brokerages, RIAs and IBDs. Find out which firms offer the highest payouts, have the most reps in the field and generate the most revenue - or create your own custom rankings. Explore the B-D Data Center to find exclusive information and intelligence about the independent broker-dealer industry. In June Financial Planning published its 2013 FP50 rankings of the largest independent broker-dealers.

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