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Historically, the currency and commodity markets were dominated by institutional investors.
Because of the impact it can have on other financial markets, monitoring currency movements is important even for individuals that do not intend to directly trade currencies.
Bloomberg has a range of capabilities for tracking currency market movements, analyzing the historical relationship between various currencies, and evaluating the future implied value of a currency. This page provides an overview of important currency rates, scrolling news headlines specific to the currency markets, and a menu of other important currency functions.

Some of these functions allow a trader to look at a country's currency in greater detail, or to look at implied forward rates for currencies.
This page provides further access to customizable market monitors, chart and graph packages, and foreign exchange forecast models.
Doing so brings up a market monitor page which provides key currency cross rates for most of the primary pairs traded in the foreign exchange market.
Bloomberg also provides tools for analyzing different vehicles for investing in commodities (i.e.

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