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Professional forex traders normally consider some key factors before selecting the forex trading platform that they believe will be the best fit for their trading needs and requirements.
As such, you want a forex broker with a high execution rate and reliability that your trades or stop losses will be honored. The transaction spread is another key comparison factor when reviewing forex brokerages in order to select the top online forex trading platform that can best meet your needs. When you trade FX with an online forex broker that uses the Electronic Communications Network (ECN), you are effectively trading directly on the network – which gives you maximum security and control.
When conducting our forex trading platforms reviews, we focused on the top forex brokers that provided advanced computational capabilities for fast execution. As part of our analysis, AdvisoryHQ also focused on FX trading sites that provided an advanced level of research, analytics, and trading tools.
All of the brokerages on this list are known to have extensive and high quality customer support.
Presented below is this year's list of the best forex trading platforms, followed by reviews of these top FX brokers.
After applying various criteria (spreads, ease of use, fast execution, brokerage details, etc.), we narrowed the list down to the three best forex brokers below.

The tables provided below highlight some of the things that we like about each of the brokers in our list. The purpose of this information is to provide you with a quick overview of the unique characteristics about each of the top FX brokers highlighted in this directory. Its Trade Architect and thinkorswim trading platforms are considered among the best on the Web.
Using this checklist, you can compare and contrast pricing at all 74 online brokerages available to you using NerdWallet’s free brokerage comparison tool to make sure you’re really finding the best price and account for your needs.
We chose TD Ameritrade as the best overall broker because it offers a top-notch trading platform, ThinkOrSwim, to all investors without any trading requirements or fees. Anyway, no matter if you are investing on your own OR with a broker, if you cannot afford to loose it THEN don’t invest it.
I find Bank of America…Merrill Lynch the hands down winner in discount brokerage and I still use two others because insurance limits. Though there are many concerns and doubts over them, the major forex brokers really have commence their operation in India. FXCM is one of the largest Forex broker across the world competing the other popular forex brokers.

Conflict of interest between broker and trader never arises here and there is no intervention that the dealer can make while you trade. Different online brokerages vary widely in terms of the fees associated with each account, so NerdWallet scoured the internet to find the best online brokers by category, whether you’re looking for a deep discount broker, commission free ETF trading, or the best customer service.
I’m interesting in buying and trading individual stocks, not funds, and want to start off slow and safe. But this comes along with a large number of doubts regarding the legal and genuine approaches in the trading market. I’m looking to do more long-term investing, but with the occasional short-term trade and maybe more frequent stock trading the more comfortable I get with it.

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