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E*Trade Mobile for Windows Phone is now available over in the Windows Phone Store to help you manage all your stock accounts while you are on the go. Even if you don't have an E*Trade account, the app doesn't look too shabby of an option to keep up with the financial markets.
Individual stock quotes will highlight the price trends, chart the price history, and display any news on that particular stock.
All in all, the E*Trade Mobile app makes a very nice first impression and very useful for those with or without an E*Trade account. We previously looked at Markets & Me, a stock portfolio management app for Windows Phone, earlier in the year.
Several months ago we took a look at the Windows Phone game HiLight that is more or less a picturesque game of Simon Says. The app was released about a month ago, and is said to help with devices that are still experiencing the random reboots. The official app for E*Trade offers real-time streaming quotes, the ability to place stock trades and manage your E*Trade account all from your Windows Phone.
From the menu page you can tap into your E*Trade accounts, set stock alerts, view the various global financial markets, pull up individual stock quotes, access the app's settings and much more. With locked down bootloaders and a more secure operating system Windows Mobile has been passed over for the more open Android OS.

While not everyone appreciates matte polycarbonate you can easily replace those covers with real cow leather and a metal-ish frame (more on that below). For the chart enthusiast and those who’ve already attested to Markets&Me having the best charts of any stock market app on windowsphone platform, this has even improved further.
Car Dash is an automotive dashboard Windows Phone app that puts a vast selection of features at your fingertips while on the road.
Cortana is now showing users tip card on how to use the digital assistant to accomplish tasks in both Windows Phone and in Windows 10 via a server-side update. That may all change today as the new Windows Phone Internals tools unleash the power of Windows 10 mobile. Here is our hands-on video with a couple of these back covers for both the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. Now please someone please bother to make a sports app that has similar visuals and keeps me within the app rather than constantly getting me to web pages to show stats. If you have yet to receive the critical update, or it did not help your device, the Stop Restart App from Microsoft may solve your problems.
Looking forward to the update to provide some much needed extra functionality.  This is by far the best looking market app out there, but has been lacking in options until now.
Now if we can get some more official US airlines apps beside American and Delta that would be great !

Kotak, a  popular service, has introduced a stock trading app for Windows Phone which lets you do trading through them. I've been on twitter asking United Airline about the app for WP i need more people to join me in asking for the official United airlines app . In case you aren’t a Kotak customer, you can still use the app as guest but for any transaction based action, you need to open up a demat account with Kotak.
We praised the work by the developer, who managed to create a beautiful experience for those who are interested in checking out the markets, or who have a heavy inventory full of stock. A die hard fan of Windows Phone and Xbox, Loves to Do Video reviews on Windows Phone Apps, Games, Xbox Games, Xbox Tutorials. Be sure to check out Markets & Me if you haven't already, as it really is a beautifully crafted app. WP has a few really nice stock apps.For live feeds on your stocks shoing in a tile  "My Stocks " is awesome.
The app also helps you analyze stock market by quotes, tracking portfolio and even get live research calls.

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