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Now the options for viewers who want to severe ties with traditional cable TV subscription are spilling over.
If you and your family are more about streaming movies and you don’t mind catching up (fine, binging) on TV series instead of watching each episode live, this could be a good option to consider.
The Downside: There are limitations to the channels you will get with this cord-cutting combo. Partner your smart TV with an on-demand service like Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Instant Video or Netflix and you’ve covered a lot of screen time entertainment bases which may be plenty for you, even if one or two channels are missing. The bundle, available starting August 10, will cost $200 a month for the first year, though no word on how much the rate jumps after that. Overall, the good news about cutting the cable cord, if you choose to do so, is that there are choices.
There’s a reason cable has remained ubiquitous for so long, even if we do make fun of the 1700 channels that no one ever watches.
If you have a cable cord cutting option that works for you and your family, we’d love to hear it! Cord cutters got some bad news Wednesday, when the Supreme Court ruled that Aereo, a service that delivered broadcast channels to web-connected devices, was violating copyright law. Aereo co-founder and CEO Chet Kanojia said yesterday that the service “will continue to fight for our consumers” following the decision, but previously said the startup had “no plan B” for losing in the Supreme Court.

Hulu offers broadcast programming from ABC, NBC and Fox for free on your PC, albeit a day or more after the original airdate.
Some had-it-up-to-here folks have started cutting the cable cord and looking for more manageable, customized ways of watching what they want, when they want, without emptying their wallets. That’s $11 for Showtime Anytime, $15 for HBO Now, and $6 for CBS All Access, which offers select on-demand episodes and carries live TV in 14 American cities including LA and NYC.
And with streaming media devices ranging in price from $35 (Google Chromecast) to $400 (PlayStation 4), you’ll likely find one that fits your budget and preferences, with plenty of options for the kids, too.
So perhaps in the end, you may realize that sticking with whatever bundle you have is the best option for you after all. Perfect for people like you who aren’t particularly interested in watching any live cable TV. The decision eliminates a cheap TV solution for those who don’t care to spend $80 a month for a package of channels they don’t want or need. While broadcast and cable TV stays locked up in bundles, a new generation of content providers are bypassing the cable system and creating content for set-top boxes, consoles and smart TVs.
Connect it to a digital HD antenna for free over-the-air signals, which only requires you to attach the coaxial cable to your TV. For a long time, those options remained off-limits, protected behind the Cable Subscribers Only velvet rope. But that was then.

There will always be hiccups and caveats to consider with any cable TV alternatives for home entertainment, at least right now.
You may need to place the antenna near a window, or outside your home for best reception, and add a signal amplifier to the mix, if necessary. However, since the latest Slingbox models lack a coaxial input, the easiest solution for cord cutters might be to add a converter box with HDMI output to the mix.
Channel Master sells a model that works well for cord cutters called the DVR+ ($249, $299 for WiFi receiver bundle).
Streaming set-top boxes like the Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV or Chromecast are also popular if you're a cord cutter who is not interested in gaming. FilmOn charges for HD and DVR services, and requires free users to view advertisements before they can watch. It uses over-the-air signals to gather information about broadcasts, negating the need for a subscription.

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