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At Online Trading Academy you'll learn to control your own destiny by mastering the markets.
Most options traders think they can profit by ignoring price direction, which is why most options traders lose money. Knowing price direction (market timing) is the single greatest edge for the options trader as your competition doesn't know how to do this properly. The significance of In the Money, At the Money and Out of the Money when you enter the trade at an options expiration date and everywhere in between. Use measurements of changing risk ("The Greeks") to construct the right position for any market condition by predicting the future value of your options. Use options to manage risk in your portfolio through straddles, strangles, condors, butterflies and other tactics. Our staff of professional instructors is composed of the best, most dedicated people you will ever meet.

This course is designed for students of all experience levels who are serious about learning to trade like a professional Options trader. This course is built on the foundation of Online Trading Academy’s Core Market Timing Strategy taught in Professional Trader Part 1.
You’ll learn the language of options and options trading techniques using a state-of-the-art platform and live streaming data. We’ll give you a better understanding of an options premium relative to its underlying asset. Now that we’ve covered the individual building blocks in options trading, let’s get on with constructing positions. Understand the Industry classification when it comes to different levels of authorization to trade Options. Options trading allows traders to control a stock for a fraction of its per-share price without ever owning it.

The introductory class required for all incoming students, where, in a few short hours, you’ll learn trading strategies that can be applied to any timeframe or trading plan.
In this online options trading course, you'll be able to practice the skills you need to create, manage and evolve various strategies and produce consistent profits from options trading—in a live market where you'll identify, assess and execute trading opportunities. Each day's options trading course agenda contains powerful and fully interactive lectures led by a professional trader combined with live trading sessions focusing on market analysis and trade execution. That’s why each Online Trading Academy on-location class comes with unlimited retakes for life.

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