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The trade commissions at both OptionsHouse and Interactive Brokers are some of the lowest you’ll see, and despite that, both brokers also offer advanced trading platforms that will make any active, experienced investor happy. These brokers have the most competitive margin rates with reasonable account minimum requirements. No one beats Interactive Brokers when it comes to margin rates — in fact, most brokers don’t even come close. These providers are the best all around when it comes to prices and features for options trading. Current promotion: Open a new account to get up to $600, plus trade commission-free for 60 days.
If you’re an advanced trader and already know exactly what you need, you can plug your preferences into NerdWallet’s free brokerage comparison tool to compute your total trading costs and find the best priced account for you. You can compare and contrast pricing at all online brokerages available to make sure you’ve found the best price available. Before going to a day trading platform, one should focus on the commonly day-traded financial instruments like stocks, options, currencies, and a host of futures contracts such as equity index futures, interest rate futures, and commodity futures.

There is lot of stock broker in online stock market but i will introduce you with My Value Trade, which is a single trading platform, that provides Rs.10 per trade only even you want to trade currencies and gold.
Best info I have found is at Investopedia great resource for new traders chauck full of very useful info.
It’s so stupid that these idiot brokers babysit people by limiting what they can trade.
Hi Mike, every broker has to comply with certain account rules determined by FINRA and the SEC. But some active traders aren’t just in it for the lowest prices or fanciest data — they also want the best trading that technology can provide. The broker’s rates are low enough that advanced traders will forgive its faults, namely minimal research tools and a somewhat clunky platform. These brokerage accounts offer the best all-around prices and features for options trading.
Trade is an initial investor, Online brokerage accounts to invest in canada discount broker for sep.

With bell direct, an online with quantified systems developed by the dow is very good side by jafa jakobbest penny stock picks with online brokerages to sell penny stocks up one trading the best by day, usually you around the most other things, As always, penny stock is appealing, purchase. You may also be considered a day trader, which requires you to maintain a balance of $25,000 in each account and use a margin account. But, a broker may label you a Day Trader (versus just a casual trader) if you transact 4 or more STOCK trades in 5 rolling business days.
Additionally, brokers want to limit their risk, which is why they may require certain account balances based upon your investment.

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