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Please visit one of our four other Los Angeles area locations to serve your foreign currency exchange needs.
Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, a credit card is the best option for many purchases (especially larger ones, such as your hotel). As in any large city, you can find a wide variety of ATMs throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area at banks, shopping centers and close to many tourist attractions. In addition to the ICE Currency Exchange stores located inside the airport, you can find many other stores throughout Los Angeles, offering a range of services aimed at travelers entering the country and U.S. A currency converting app, such as XE Currency or GlobeConvert, can help you figure out how much you should be getting.

How to avoid the most common issues and hassles raised by exchange rates while traveling abroad. We ensure you get the best rate - if you are exchanging foreign currency to USD or USD to foreign currency - so you can enjoy your travels. If you want a larger amount of cash, an ATM or one of the currency exchange stores located in town will give you a better deal.
To find out the current exchange rate for your currency, use our online currency converter. For more information, see The Best Places to Exchange Currency and Time Your Travel Abroad to the Exchange Rate.

West (in Hollywood), 310-659-6093, plus two other locations in the greater Los Angeles region.

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