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At the end of this article you’ll find some suggestions for the best brokerage accounts for broker-assisted trading.
Generally speaking, good brokerage accounts for beginners will provide some basic functions such as charting, order execution, and market data feeds. More advanced setups allow for loads of complicated stuff – APIs, feeds from third party data vendors, programming interfaces for automated strategies .
Our recommendations at the end of this article are designed to save you additional unnecessary expenses by identifying brokers who offer a reliable basic package, and will avoid you paying for loads of extras that you don’t really need as a beginner.
If you want to participate in a wide range of different markets (which is the right choice for the vast majority beginners) then there are ways to do this from one single brokerage account.
You can find brokers for different types of instruments listed in the menu bar at the top of this page – just click on the links to view comparison tables for each.
As a beginner, you should invest just a small amount of risk capital in your new brokerage account, and use this to learn how to trade.
Unlike most firms who charge a fixed fee per trade (which can be economical for large volume traders), Interactive Brokers also offer a per-share price plan. Interactive amongst the largest and most well established brokerage firms and also service institutional clients.

The UK-based London Stock Exchange broker is fully regulated by the FCA and holds individual client funds in segregated accounts. However, if the thought of an online brokerage account where you place all your own trades isn’t intimidating, then read on . These will all be automatically connected when you log in, ready for you to begin trading, so you won’t need to install any software or get involved in any complicated process to get everything working. There are many different markets such as foreign exchange (forex), commodities such as gold and oil, stock indices, and interest rate products like treasury bonds. At the bottom of the article you’ll find our suggestions for the best brokerage account for beginners for each market. If you have your own recommendations for brokerage accounts for beginners, then please feel free to share them using the comments box below! Access your account through speech recognition (Schwab by Phoneâ„¢) or touch-tone (TeleBroker®).
Although the charting may not be quite as good as that of TradeStation or NinjaTrader, it is way more than adequate for starting out. They’ve now racked up nearly a decade of brokerage experience and have a reputation for really solid customer service and support.

You’ll pay commissions, data and account fees on top of this, and addons such as Portfolio Maestro entail an additional fee. Then you could go long an oil futures contract, buy an oil fund ETF, purchase a call option or a contract for difference (CFD), or you could make a spread bet or a binary bet on rising oil prices. That being said, with just a small account balance keeping your costs and brokerage fees to a minimum will be absolutely essential. Whichever method you choose, you can quickly get quotes, make trades, review account balances, and much more.
So, if you’re starting trading with a small account and buying shares in blocks of 100 or less, then this broker is a great choice.
Trading lots of different markets simultaneously is known as diversification, and it’s an excellent way to reduce your risk and smooth the growth of your account equity.

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