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A trading system is simply a group of specific rules, or parameters, that determine entry and exit points for a given equity. Often, two or more of these forms of indicators will be combined in the creation of a rule. Because the success of the overall system depends on how well the rules perform, system traders spend time optimizing in order to manage risk, increase the amount gained per trade and attain long-term stability. It takes all emotion out of trading - Emotion is often cited as one of the biggest flaws of individual investors. It can save a lot of time - Once an effective system is developed and optimized, little to no effort is required by the trader. We've looked at the main advantages of working with a trading system, but the approach also has its drawbacks. You must be able to make realistic assumptions and effectively employ the system - System traders must make realistic assumptions about transaction costs. Development can be a time-consuming task - A lot of time can go into developing a trading system to get it running and working properly. There are a number internet scams related to system trading, but there are also many legitimate, successful systems. When looking to purchase a trading system, it can be difficult to find a trustworthy business.

Other offers, however, are more difficult to decode, but a common way to avoid scams is to seek out systems that offer a free trial. Ads like these can make trading systems and indicators look like scams aimed at your pocketbook.
Computers are often used to automate not only the signal generation, but also the actual trading, so the trader is freed from spending time on analysis and making trades. In the developmental stages, trading systems demand a solid understanding of technical analysis, the ability to make empirical decisions and a thorough knowledge of how parameters work. Devising a system concept and putting it into practice involves plenty of testing, which takes a while.
For example, a system might have a rule that forbids any buying unless the relative strength is above a certain level.
By strictly following a pre-developed system, system traders can forgo the need to make any decisions; once the system is developed and established, trading is not empirical because it is automated.
Other companies will give you the signals generated by their internal trading systems for a monthly fee. But even if you are not developing your own trading system, it's important to be familiar with the parameters that make up the one you are using. For example, to optimize the MA crossover system, a trader would test to see which moving averages (10-day, 30-day, etc.) work best, and then implement them.

Bear in mind, it is often impossible to test systems accurately, causing a degree of uncertainty when bringing the system live. So, they took some people off the street and trained them based on their now-famous Turtle Trading System. It is also a good idea to contact others that have used the system, to see whether they can affirm its reliability and profitability. But optimization can improve results by only a small margin - it’s the combination of parameters used that will ultimately determine the success of a system.
Effectively dealing with slippage can be a major roadblock to deploying a successful system. Finally, slippage may cause traders to make several revisions to their systems even after deployment.

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