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Progress® Apama® is the market-leading platform for Algorithmic Trading, enabling both sell-side and buy-side traders to leverage proprietary trading strategies, rather than rely on packaged "black box" algorithms.
Proven in the most demanding of markets, Apama offers the broadest, deepest and most flexible platform for building event-driven applications. The high frequency trading (HFT) debate seems to have entered a new and worrying phase in the UK. It does seem now that on both sides of the Atlantic, governments and regulators are steeling themselves to act and softening the markets up to be able to accept the fact that electronic trading might have some limits. The concern is that governments and regulators are going to come down too hard on electronic trading and the benefits that it gives investors will be damaged. What people are now describing as HFT – the very fast and frequent, computer assisted trading of, usually, equities – is an evolution of something that has been happening in the market place for at least the last 10 years.
A key part of the HFT trend has been the use of algorithmic trading (the most prevalent use of complex event processing technology). In recent years, the Brazilian market has grown stronger, and become very aggressive with algorithmic trading.

In this podcast Dan Hubscher and Chris Martins of Progress Apama discuss the partnership and integration between the Progress Apama Algorithmic Trading Platform and CQG’s modeling and charting tools for Futures traders.
Apama's "white box" platform puts control is in the hands of traders, who now can create, test, deploy, and manage their own algorithmic trading strategies.
You need to get it from a trading platform that offers a sustainable, competitive advantage. On Tuesday this week in an interview with the BBC, Lord Myners, the UK’s financial services minister, warned that high frequency trading had “gone too far” and that share ownership had “now lost its supporting function for the provision of capital to business”. In this time electronic trading has proliferated, not just in equities but also in all asset classes such as derivatives, bonds and foreign exchange. Algo trading models fall broadly into one of two camps: alpha seeking, where market prices are examined to find a trading opportunity that will make money, and execution where orders are, usually, split up into smaller parts and then traded automatically in the market in an intelligent way to find good prices and to ensure those prices are not overly influenced by the trades being made themselves. Progress Apama’s FX Market Aggregation Accelerator gives you what you need in a flexible package, accelerating the deployment of FX trading strategies across fragmented liquidity pools.
With trading systems increasingly automated, the opportunities for manipulative behavior are there and the news abounds with stories of rogue trading activity that has taken advantage.

Regulators have become concerned with their use because more and more trading is going through dark pools. Algorithmic trading is enormously beneficial for those who use it and its use is not limited to specialist hedge funds. Most algorithmic trading uses execution models that find liquidity, good prices, help minimise market impact and, lastly, increase significantly a trader’s productivity.
Some exchanges and regulators have been investing in real-time surveillance technology (Progress counts Turquoise and the UK Financial Services Authority as customers using Apama) to ensure that they can spot abusive patterns of behaviour quickly. Because there is more trading going on, there is more liquidity available, which also means keener prices.

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