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Anyoption is not the broker that proposes the biggest range of different option types (this title belongs to 24option), but it still proposes 5 different option types that all present different advantages for traders. Unlike traditional binary options (the ones described above), 0-100 options are either worth $0 or $100, not a percentage increase of your investment amount like 100$ + 80% profit. The Special binary options at Anyoption’s are options on exotic underlying assets such as binary options on bitcoin or pre-IPO stocks.
As you can see above, Anyoption targets more experienced traders that may be interested by more advanced products and the possibility to dynamically adjust their potential returns and refunds.
While most investors were attracted by the user-friendly characteristics of binary options, they are considered as the simplest financial product out there, more and more traders are turning to more advanced binary options that have been developed by the best brokers.

With traditional High Low binary options, the payout and the return on loss are fixed and you simply have to choose a direction and a notional amount for your trade. These are not traditional binary options since they tend to have a fixed strike and a longer maturity than usual options (up to two months for binary options on bitcoin). Since most of these other binary option types can be a little more difficult to understand, Anyoption made simple and interactive videos to present these financial products. A binary option is a financial instrument with a payoff that is limited to only 2 alternatives.
With 0-100 binary options, the strike can be different from the live price of the asset allowing for far greater payouts (up to 1’000%) but including a higher amount of risk.

If not, don’t hesitate to have a look at our detailed review of AnyOption and use the below secured link to access the broker website and benefit from our full support in case you face any problem.
They will also show you how to trade them on the Anyoption’s platform so that you just have to figure out your market scenario and you are ready to trade.

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