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Equipment is a must like in any business enterprise, and day trading is no exception. In order to get started in day trading, you will get all of the basics for what equipment you will need. You will require a solid technique or approach to day trading, but the day trading computer equipment needs to be just as important when setting yourself up to day trade. You should know that sometimes you are going to be in a trade less than ten seconds,  because day trading involves profiting of fast moves.
And no 3G –Your connection speed must be higher than the age of your kid, because you are a trading professional.
Your day trading command center must be treated with the respect and thought out carefully.
In our search for just the right balance between cost and very fast performance we designed the F-25 to create a best bang-for-the-buck trading computer that has a lot of power. Processor speed is the key to a strong trading computer and we have the fastest guaranteed clock speeds in the world of desktop computers. The other computer builders build computers with only a vague understanding of what is needed because they are not traders.
Falcon Trading System® computers undergo an extensive series of tests to ensure that they are 100% ready for rigorous service.
Performance testing determines the correct settings to tune the computer for maximum stability, realization, and reliability.

Twenty percent of our sales are to customers outside the US but regardless of where they live we see more than 40% return to buy another computer from us.
New computers undergo an extensive series of tests to make sure that they are 100% ready for rigorous service. Trading software is notorious for fragmenting hard drives - this is due the amount of raw data they pull down and then re-calculate every single second to plot your indicators.
It is overkill, granted, but technology is cheap these days - might as well invest into something which will serve for years to come (I think). I recommend using 64-bit version of Windows, either XP 64-bit or Vista 64-Bit, for a system that has 2GB or more of RAM, because 32-bit Windows recognizes at most 3.75GB due to its memory addressing limitation.
You need to have a day trading computer which has a fast processor in order to handle the speed at which you need to perform. The worst thing that could happen is that your day trading computer could collapse while you are still trading.
You don’t want the system resources to be taken up by 3rd party software that is not related to trading.
3-year next-day on-site, meaning if they can't fix it over the phone for you, someone will ring your doorbell the following morning (and usually they give you a loaner PC if they need to take yours).
So, the suggestion is at least a Pentium four with a minimum of one gig of RAM and a forty GB hard drive.

So, that’s why is always important to have a backup computer or laptop which is setup with the proper trading software and you will be able to change setups really fast in the case of a hardware failure. Additionally to your trading software, you should have running antivirus software and Microsoft Office, and nothing else. One of our most frequent return customers is a commodities trading company in Denmark with offices in Switzerland.
We are still traders and that informs us on how we can build much better trading computers. When you call other computer manufacturers, you often get automated systems, minimally trained people, and headaches. It is used only for preventing data loss in case of a physical hard disk damage or failure.

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