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Playdaddy: The Belt
Victorino, Oleg
Premieres: January 20th
Streets fairs seem to be a perfect venue to hook up in Buenos Aires. Dominant Daddy Oleg is taking out his frustrations on his young whipping boy who wanted a belt as a present before he agred to getting fucked. Victorino is a though boy, asking daddy to fuck him harder, slamming a raw dick hard into a young hot manhole!
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playdaddy: Business Not as Usual
Starring: Marvin & Lola
What a shocker! Marvin was married a long time ago. We asked if he still like to fuck chicks. After answering positively, well... the rest is history. We paired him with Lola, a 20 year old fire cracker. You be the judge: if he is more a Playdaddy guy or a MyFirstDaddy fucker!
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Playdaddy: AY NENE!
With Luiggi, Aslan & Contanzo Fierron
It is a common Argentinian slang. When it applies to sex means "OMG you are too big, you are tearing me my ass apart, man!" Watch sensual Daddy Aslan screams loud "Ay Nene"as he only knows how, while his ass is being drilled by this two hunky daddies.
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