What is noopept

Noopept is the brand name of a drug first patented in Russia in 1995, and belongs to the racetam family of drugs. This category of drugs is considered to be nootropic, a name made up by a Romanian doctor in 1972 and taken from the Greek words for "mind" and "to bend/turn". Descriptively, these drugs are also referred to as smart drugs, neuro enhancers, memory enhancers, cognitive enhancers and even intelligence enhancers. Noopept has been reported as being about 1,000 times stronger than any of the previous racetam drugs.

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It is derived from the racetam family of drugs and shares similar mechanisms of action, but is, according to studies, 1000 times more potent than the prototypical racetam drug, piracetam. Animal studies have shown noopept to be neuroprotective and enhance memory in various tests. Unusually for a peptide-derived compound, noopept displays both high oral bioavailability and good blood–brain barrier penetration in rats (although a previous study concluded that "GVS-111 itself was not found in rat brain 1 h after 5 mg/kg i.p. administration up to limit of detection" and that administration of Noopept only increases the concentration of endogenous nootropic cyclo-L-prolylglycine), and human studies have shown promising results, with potential application in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. It is also an "immunocorrector" in mice. It has been found to stimulate the expression of NGF and BDNF in rat hippocampus. Expression of the studied neurotropic factors in the cerebral cortex was below the control after single administration of Noopept, while chronic administration caused a slight increase in BDNF expression. In the hippocampus, expression of mRNA for both neurotrophins increased after acute administration of Noopept. Chronic treatment with Noopept was not followed by the development of tolerance, but even potentiated the neurotrophic effect.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noopept

Noopept Usage

This nootropic drug is prescribed and promoted in Russia and neighboring countries. It is patented in Russia and in the United States. However it is not a regulated drug and is not yet registered for marketing as a prescription in the US and other many other countries. Bulk powder suppliers accessed through the internet and health food stores are typical sources of this smart drug. Nootropic drugs are considered to be non-toxic, not dangerous and non-addictive. Still, those considering their use as a supplement routine should seek medical opinion to ensure there is no conflict with any existing conditions or medications.

Noopept Effects

Noopept is a supplement that is used to boost intelligence, cognitive functions and attention. Common reported benefits include:

Many consider this nootropic to be a performance enhancing drug for the brain.

There are also specific areas of research being pursued, mostly in Russia, with these reports of current positive results:

Such research involves Noopept alone or along with other therapies.

Noopept Dosage

The drug can be taken orally, 10-30 mg one to three times a day. Effectiveness is enhanced if it is taken with a high protein meal. Some suggest a sublingual administration of the drug, to produce a more immediate and more effective effect. This also means that a lower dose may be necessary. Noopept is a racetam that can reach overdose levels if care if not taken. The drug can also be administered in a vaporized form.

Noopept Side Effects and Safety

Registered producers of Noopept report the smart drug as being safe in clinical trials. They promote the drug as being effective, and having low toxicity when recommended dosages are ingested. Side effects will vary, especially when used with other supplements or medications, so consultation with a family doctor before starting a regimen is recommended. Some of the commonly reported side effects include:

There seems to be a cumulative effect to taking this smart drug, suggesting that the beneficial effects tend to increase over time. Also, there are no reported dependencies developed in using Noopept. Positive effects of this medication appear to stay in the system long after the medication has been stopped.

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Noopept Research

There is an increasing interest in the use and development of smart drugs, and this includes consumers as well as those within the scientific community. Nootropic supplements such as Noopept may have numerous applications, and these drugs have been used to enhance memory, mood, and creativity. Improved concentration and decreased stress levels may result from taking safe dosages of Noopept supplements, and there is a significant amount of science and research behind this increasingly popular pharmaceutical. The full benefits to brainpower, communication ability, and personal esteem may still be unknown at this point, but continued study may support the growing use of this potent supplement.

Many Russian researchers have worked extensively to formulate Noopept as a viable nootropic drug, and this registered brand is under patent and available in the United States as well. The high potency has prompted many researchers to study Noopept for its ability to treat Alzheimer's disease and various immune system disturbances, and human studies have led to some very promising results. Some studies note restored memory and improvement in various cognitive functions, and these therapeutic effects may apply to brain injuries and many organic disorders that occur in the central nervous system. The positive effects typically occurred within five to seven days of receiving the drug, and some clinical trial participants reported feeling less anxious, less irritable and sleeping better as well.

The numerous physical improvements may be significant but many individuals may appreciate the changes that can occur in terms of their mental functioning even more, and many people who have taken Noopept report that everything involved in daily functioning seems easier as a result. The improvements regarding interpersonal interactions may be the result of increased verbal acuity and improved communication skills, and these creative feelings may be directly associated with lower stress levels and higher levels of concentration. The strength and potency make careful dosing extremely important, but following a prescribed dosage regimen may allow individuals to experience these positive results and avoid potential side effects. Most people seem to respond best to a dosage between ten and thirty milligrams no more than three times each day, and staying within this range may keep any side effects to a minimum.

Noopept is recommended by many people who are familiar with the study and effects of nootropic compounds, and following proper dosage instructions is crucial to experiencing a good outcome. Many researchers provide data that attests to the ability of this smart drug in terms of building memory, improving mental focus, and creating mental sharpness and clarity. Minimal dosing may have a profound effect on boosting confidence in many important areas of life including family, work, and leisure, and a daily dosage of as little as ten milligrams may result in appreciable cognitive enhancement. Changes in libido, generalized physical irritation or other reported side effects have not been substantiated across multiple studies, and more individuals report about the positive changes that make daily living more rewarding, efficient, and productive after taking approved doses of Noopept.

Noopet References

The brand name of noopept is trademarked by JSC LEKKO Pharmaceuticals, who are the manufacturers. The product is patented in Russia and the US. The Russian Federation Patent number is: 2119496, and the US Patent number is: 5439930 (issued on 8th August 1995).

Complete noopept thread it here: http://forums.steroid.com/anabolic-lounge-off-topic-discussion/524666-complete-noopept-thread-how-works-what-administration-dosing.html

Alright, almost everyone here probably knows of my Noopept log. I am making this thread to post the most prominent information on Noopept, what it is, how it works, and especially: dosing and administration guidelines. This post is just basically compiled copypasted information from my Noopept log. I figure its a much better idea to do this, since many very valuable informative posts from both myself and others in my log will get lost in the many pages and people will miss these informative posts when searching for information on Noopept. I have a feeling this would get better responses if all essential information was brought into its own new thread. I encourage everyone else to add their Noopept experiences, and any other information or insight they may have.

After plenty of research and trying primarily oral and sublingual administration, i've found that sublingual administration by far produces a greater immediate effect and an overall better effect than oral administration (even though it has been found in clinical testing that oral administration provides 95% or higher absorbtion. I've also tried nebulizing/vaporizing it but haven't done this enough to be able to gauge any effects properly. The problem is like I said, Noopept seems to undergo a few changes due to enzyme activity and also a few things in regards to the liver metabolism. A simple google search will yield quite a bit of information in the form of personal experience as well as commentary by some people who really know their chemistry well.

Noopept is also highly soluble in alcohol, and while sublingual administration of the powder or tablets directly under the tongue works well, many reccomend mixing it into a very small amount of alcohol (yes, hard liquor or something - you don't need much at all) and then let it rest sublingually under the tongue for maximum transport efficiency into the sublingual membranes. I have not yet tried this but I will some time soon and report my findings. One such study has demonstrated that Noopept is absorbed into the blood stream through the GI tract and crosses the blood brain barrier unchanged(1) while another study demonstrated that Noopept ALSO undergoes hepatic metabolism (liver metabolism) into a metabolized form. So, I think we can conclude pretty distinctly that a good portion of Noopept is absorbed right into the bloodstream through the GI tract but a good portion of it is also metabolized in the liver!

Here is what's actually going on from what i've gathered and from my knowledge of biochemistry in my analysis of the Noopept molecule (I actually hadn't examined it very closely until now): Noopept is a modified polypeptide consisting of an ester (Phenylacetyl ester) and 2 amino acids: Glycine and Proline. It is basically the amino acids Glycine and Proline linked together, with an Phenylacetyl group esterified to the Proline. This forms a peptide molecule, but an extremely small one and with the additional modifications of an ester attached to the amino acids, it is a unique one.

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