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This 10x10 yardmaster metal shed has a green paint finish and holds a 12 year cladding guarantee.
Along with many other Yardmaster models, this GEYZ has hot-dipped galvanized steel cladding which is painted inside and out, there is a 12 year guarantee against rust penetration on this feature.This particular 10x8 metal shed model, now includes a zinc finish to the doors, gables and roof, however the GEYZ is the ONLY Yardmaster building offering a dark green painted wall cladding. The useful lockable double sliding doors are fitted on the inside for a neater design and for security purposes.

Other features this model can offer include: stainless steel rust-free screws and an anchor kit for fixing down the building to your base or paved area. Please take note that this specific model is not supplied with a translucent sheet, screwed self assembly only.

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