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This resawing guide lets you correct for blade drift, and you can build it from parts you probably have lying around your shop.
After struggling with his bandsaw fence, blocks, clamps, and a resaw guide, WOOD® magazine reader John Hodges of Kaufman, Texas, decided to design his own bandsaw resawing guide. Because few bandsaw blades track perfectly straight (making a fence almost useless for resawing), the curved end of part A allows you to steer the board into the bandsaw blade and make adjustments to follow your marked line. If you like this project, please check out more than 1,000 shop-proven paper and downloadable woodworking project plans in the WOOD Store. My experience resawing is if the cut is drifting, I can move the blade track to the rear or to the front of the wheels to eliminate the drift.

Another cause of drift is I somehow hit the blade with some metal and removed some of the set on one side of the blade. I have a 17" shop fox and i use the adjustment screws on the fence to allow for my tiny drift. I have found that if you will right click on the image,save the image location,then send it to your e mail you open the link and print away,real easy! I found that if you will right click on the image and save the image location,then send the link to your e mail,open it and print away. I found that if you will right click over the drawing and save image location,then send image link to your e mail you can open and print it with no problems.

You can build one just like it by gathering up some scrap stock and following the illustrations below.
Adjust the center portion of the jig (A) until the bandsaw blade aligns with the marked line on the wood.

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